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Imagine that there was a corporation that had access to your internet activity, your phone records, even down to what snail mail post you receive and from what areas. Providing information for the likes of JP Morgan, administering Medicaid and insurance and information for the banking sector in general.

Providing data mining information for the military industrial complex; BAE systems, Northrop Grumman, DuPont, EADS(The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.) and probably more.  A business that previously owned one of four contractors for DHS in contingency planning;  building installations and “FEMA” camps amongst other things, (along with KBR and FLUOR under the LOGCAP agreement).



Now imagine that same company, owned a private military contractor that provided close security for Iraqi and Afghan leaders, among other mercenary and intel gathering tasks, it sold the majority of the business on after two years; DynCorp had been involved in too many actionable scandals, from child sex trafficking in the Balkans, to poisoning crops and people in Ecuador as part of the war on drugs .  More recently after the rendition scandals it has just offloaded its black-ops foreign base support sections to PAE systems, but it could equally be because the “war on terror” is entering a new phase after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

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