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Our experiences are our best teachers of life. Our experiences include everything that we have thought, said, done, heard, seen, felt/touched, tasted, smelled, sensed, read, dreamed, imagined, and written in our past, and present.
All of us should become wiser, smarter, more intelligent, and better via time and all of our experiences of life.
Hopefully, all of us will also become very good/positive, angelic, and godly as we become smarter, better, and wiser in life via all of our experiences of life.
By the way, many have met and talked with Jesus during our present lifetime on Earth, but many did not recognize him. Jesus is the one that you least suspect of being Jesus.
However, Jesus is not the only true representative of righteousness and goodness on this planet.

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how to be happy and successful in life;

and how to have/live a good, positive, godly, angelic life

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top-10-list-231x3001. Do unto others what you would like for others to do unto you, or don’t do anything to others that you don’t want others to do unto you.
2. Love, forgive, and help everyone, and especially yourself.
3. Do not judge others, least ye also shall be judged.
4. Let he/she who has never sinned, cast the first stone of judgment/condemnation.
5. Always think, talk, and act in positive ways.
6. We can move mountains if we had the faith of a mustard seed.
7. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given unto you.
8. Why worry about the mote that is in someone else’s eye when you have a beam in your own eye?
9. Always listen to, believe in, and obey all of your good/positive thoughts, feelings, instincts, hunches, and intuition that you receive 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. If not, you will always immediately acquire some new, unwanted problems/challenges in life.
10. If you have some problems, seek advice from people that are very wise, caring, and understanding, and that have also experienced those same types of problems, and that will not tell everyone or anyone about your problems.
11. Always avoid places, things, and lifeforms that will cause you to get into trouble of any types, and especially lifeforms that lie all of the time.
12. Always go with the positive flow of things/energy in life. Never go against the grain of the wood of life.
13. We should always say that the glass is hall full, instead of saying that it is half empty.
14. We can always find something good in everything that we have done and experienced in life, regardless if we think that some or much of our past was filled with many evils and problems.
15. All lifeforms always influence everyone else on Earth and everywhere else via either a positive or negative domino effect.
16. We always have to ask all good, positive, non-Earth humans (gods; angels; archangels; spirit guides; spirits of our dead friends and relatives; etcetera) to help us, and we also must do our best to help ourself by always listening to, believing in, and obeying all of our good/positive thoughts, feelings, instincts, hunches, and gut feelings. Whenever we make bad/wrong choices and decisions, and mistakes in life, we must use those experiences to improve our life by making sure that we never do those things again. None of us are perfect, and all of us will sometimes think, say, and do some negative things in life. That is why all of us must always love, forgive, and help others and ourself. However, we must always be careful of the people that only want to use and abuse us, and that will stab us in the back during every chance that they get although they pretend to be our friend, and although they say that we can trust them.
17. Do whatever you think is fun for you in life, as long as your fun activities don’t deliberately and unjustifiably hurt or harm someone else, and as long as your fun activities don’t violate or interfere with the positive rights of others. We must always do and learn new positive things in life so that we don’t become bored and stagnant in life. The general purpose of life for all lifeforms is to always learn more about ourself, others, and life in general, and to always have fun in life by always doing and learning new things so that we can never become bored and stagnant.
18. It is good to forgive people whenever people commit sins, but don’t be a fool about that.
For example, if someone hits you, everyday, in the face, without having any justifiable reasons to do that, then you would be foolish to always forgive that person for doing that, and for also not trying to stop that person from hitting you, everyday, in the face because of no justifiable reasons. Don’t just pray for that person, and turn your cheek so that that person can slap or hit you on the other side of your face, and on a daily, routine basis, but the bible says that you should turn your cheek so that you can allow a person to slap you on the other side of your face after someone or that same person slaps you on one side of your face because of no justifiable reason, and that you should always forgive that person. Those are the type of people that we should avoid in life. It would be foolish to continue allowing that person to unjustifiably slap or hit you in the face without trying to stop that person from doing that, and also without trying to avoid that person, and also for always forgiving that person for doing that. It is also good to help people, but don’t help the people that only want to use you and that only want to take advantage of you. For example, it would not be good for you to always give money to healthy people that are lazy, and that never try to find work or jobs, and that are always trying to take advantage of people, and that are always trying to live off other people without ever trying to find a job. It is not good for us to allow people to use and abuse us, and it is not good for us to allow people to take advantage of our niceness. Sometimes, we have to say no to people like that when they ask us for money all of the time, and when they ask us if they can drive or borrow our car, and when they ask or beg us for anything else.
19. People that love people and not animals have a flaw in their character. If you love people and if you also don’t love animals, then you are being hypocritical because god(s) also love animals. Therefore, we must love all lifeforms, and not just Earth humans. It is my belief that people and animals should never kill and eat each other. I believe that all animals and people should only eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grain foods. However, I can understand it if some people don’t love animals that try to kill and eat them, but Earth humans are always hunting and killing and eating some or many animals. It is very good whenever people and animals can get along, very well, with each other in complete trust, love, and harmony with each other. It is great when all lifeforms of Earth and everywhere else can get along, very well, in complete trust, love, and harmony with each other. It would also be great if we could also love all insects, but many insects are very pesty to Earth humans, and many Earth humans are also very pesty towards insects and animals. Why can’t we all just get along. We are all at war with each other. Earth humans are always fighting each other, and animals are always fighting each other, and insects are always fighting each other, and all of those lifeforms are always fighting against all of those other lifeforms. However, many believe that all of us spirits that live inside all of the different physical bodies on Earth left the spirit world so that we could experience all types of problems/challenges on Earth that we could not experience within the spirit world. Nevertheless, I would love to see peace among all lifeforms on this planet. There is too much war on this planet. Lifeforms are always fighting and killing each other. It seems like Earth humans are the most violent of all of the lifeforms on this planet because they are always shooting and killing each other. People are always very quick to shoot and kill each other over foolish things. I have always heard and read that animals only kill for food. I agree that we should always do whatever it takes for us lifeforms to defend ourselves against unjustifiable attacks of other lifeforms, even if we have to kill those attacking, dangerous lifeforms that invade our homes, property, and our well-being. I don’t think that people should kill animals just for fun, such as when people go hunting just so that they can hang the head of an animal on the wall of their home. I don’t think that any lifeforms should kill another lifeform without having any justifiable reasons for doing that, and, once again, I think that all insects, animals, and people should eat only fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grain foods.
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