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We recently released an excerpt from a channeling of Kaleidos of the Pleiadian Council, channeled through Maria Bertram on August 1st, about the claims of a landing during the Olympics, which they deny in the channeling. The excerpt was mainly about why channeled messages often are filtered and manipulated, and why humanity is not ready for an official landing yet. We published the excerpt from the long channeling on August 2nd, in order to get it out before the alleged landing day, August 4th.

Now we’re releasing the channeling in it’s entirety, which is about three times the length of the excerpt. Here, Kaleidos deepens the subjects from the first channeling, but also addresses new and basic questions such as why there is no exact date for the Transition, the importance of inner work and grounding before the Transition, the energy-changes expected around December 21st, and humanity’s fear of malevolent civilizations and how to heal it.

Even if you have read the first version, we recommend that you read the full channeling from beginning to end, since the first version we released was a compilation of excerpts from spread parts of the channeling. We have also made some additions in the background text.

The content of the channeling: Presentation / The channeling situation today / The channeling-filter over Earth / Why humanity is not ready for an official landing / The presence of spaceships on Earth / What would happen if you met us before you were ready / Reasons to the manipulated message about the landing at the Olympics / Purify your channel with the grounding / The new light waves and the increased need for grounding / The inner energy-reality create the outer physical reality / The illusion of time and the obsession with dates / There is no precise date for the Transition / The energy changes around the Winter Solstice December 21st 2012 / Every civilization consists of unique energies / The fear of malevolent civilizations / Heal your fears with the grounding / Closure

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