By  Jul 10th, 2012

In November, millions of Americans will trudge to their local polling places to cast votes in the hope of improving their lives here in the USA. Between now and then, a few hundred Americans will vote with their feet in the hope of improving their lives outside the USA.

Last year, nearly 1,800 Americans surrendered their citizenship. In a nation of 300 million folks, 1,800 émigrés is hardly a rush for the exits. But the recent trend is, nevertheless, intriguing.

As recently as four years ago, only 200 people checked out of America for good. Back then, surrendering US citizenship would have seemed as unthinkable to most Americans as declining a free vacation to Hawaii to pay for a vacation in Newark. It would have seemed as crazy as:

  • …giving away a brand new Aston Martin Zagato to buy a used Buick Le Sabre.
  • …surrendering your membership at Augusta National in order to start playing Augusta Municipal.
  • …trading away an original Van Gogh painting for an original Peter Max poster
  • …refusing a date with Mila Kunis in order to watch re-runs of her animated counterpart, Meg Griffin, in Family Guy.
  • …abandoning a beachfront mansion to live in your car.

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