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In October 2010, Dounne Alexander submitted a powerful application to the Law Commission to reform the Cancer Act… exposing 71 years cancer-drugs scandal and the biggest medical failure to-date. This Act was passed solely for the use of experimental cancer-drugs and not for research into prevention or the use of natural treatments & practices. Her strong legal argument proves the Act to be out-of-date, biased, discriminatory and unjust. Violates human-rights; discriminates against the poor, foreign UK & mixed-race citizens, cultural traditions, spiritual beliefs and consumer choice. The Act is routinely used to unjustly criminalize & intimidate natural health-practitioners and suppliers for selling or promoting ‘safe & effective’ alternative treatments proven beneficial for cancer. As cancer will now affect 1 in 2 of us, it is essential to read this document to understand why we are still ‘dying to find a cure’

Cancer Act 1939 – Reform Application.: