Thursday, December 6, 2012
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Our ego would have you excavating your past for lifetimes. Your higher self would have you activating your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth. Both approaches transmute your old patterns. Guess which one is more fun, more fluid, and expands Heaven in cosmic timing?”  ~ Jennifer Hough

Are you getting bored yet of analyzing your past?  We’ve all done it.   Yearning for a way that is less painful and more fluid is one of the signs that you’re awakening.

jennifer_houghFree to Fly: Is it possible that when we awaken to more love, compassion, flow, purpose, fulfillment and awareness, that more light is shone on the dark?  Is it possible that our minds don’t have to know the full description of the dark, for the light to displace it?   Is it possible that we are so loved that the Universe has made it possible for us to get bored with past by engaging our Creative Flow and blossoming skills?

Lean In: What a fun relief that would be, hunh?  Just sayin’. Hey, if analyzing should present itself, do it.  In the meantime, it will take some practice to make a new default habit for dissolving perceived struggles – called “Here ya go Universe, handle it.  I’ll be busy learning to fly.  Let me know if you need me.”  .

Flight school here I come…………no manual…….we can invent it as we go. Wooo Hooooo, see you in the skies!  xoxooxo Jennifer