extra extra newspaperRed Cross chief criticises drone use outside battlefields
Geneva (AFP) April 16, 2013 – Red Cross chief Peter Maurer on Tuesday condemned US drone strikes outside areas officially engulfed in armed conflict, warning against a creeping expansion of the definition of what constitutes a battlefield. Washington’s secretive and controversial use of drones was not a problem in itself, said Maurer, as in the context of an armed conflict drones are considered legitimate weapons. “B … more

Musharraf disqualified from Pakistan election
Islamabad (AFP) April 16, 2013 – Pervez Musharraf was Tuesday disqualified from contesting Pakistani elections next month, crushing his ambition to “save” the troubled nuclear-armed country just weeks after his return from exile. Pakistan goes to the polls on May 11 for an election that will mark the first time a civilian government has handed over power at the ballot box after completing a full term in office in a country … more

China faces threats but will defend itself: government
Beijing (AFP) April 16, 2013 – China took aim at the United States and its expanding military alliances with Asian allies on Tuesday, saying that the security build-up was a threat to regional peace. The US has pivoted its foreign policy towards Asia in recent years, alarming China and emboldening nations embroiled in maritime territorial spats with their giant neighbour, including Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. … more

Police ask public for digital images of Boston blasts
Boston, Massachusetts (AFP) April 16, 2013 – Police investigating the Boston marathon attacks urged the public Tuesday to come forward with any digital images they might have that could help solve the crime. Speaking to reporters, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis appealed for “any photos that you have from around the time of the blast and particularly in that area” in the city center where Monday’s deadly twin explosions took place. … more

German anti-racism rally staged ahead of right-wing terror trial
Munich, Germany (UPI) Apr 15, 2013 – Thousands of anti-racism demonstrators marched in Munich, Germany, last weekend ahead of a murder trial for five suspected neo-Nazi group members. About 5,000 people rallied in front of Bavaria’s State Court of Appeals Saturday to denounce “Nazi terror, state and everyday racism” in the run-up to Wednesday’s scheduled start of the high-profile murder trial of neo-Nazi suspect Beate Zsch … more

BBC in row over reporter traveling with student group
Seoul (UPI) Apr 16, 2013 – The BBC refused to apologize after one of its reporters went undercover accompanying a group of British students traveling into North Korea. The London School of Economics and its students’ union said the British broadcaster knowingly put LSE students’ lives in danger and sullied the name of the LSE. But the BBC disagreed and refused to withdraw the resulting documentary televisi … more

US soldier jailed for trying to sell secrets to Russians
Los Angeles (AFP) April 16, 2013 – A US soldier has been jailed for 16 years for attempting to sell military secrets to a woman he thought was a Russian spy, officials said Tuesday. Military policeman William Millay was also dishonorably discharged as part of a plea deal after admitting charges including attempted espionage and communicating national defense information. The 24-year-old was arrested in October 2011 after … more