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Weather_zps5ede61bbThe ARM Climate Research Facility, a DOE scientific user facility, provides the climate research community with strategically located in situ and remote sensing observatories designed to improve the understanding and representation, in climate and earth system models, of clouds and aerosols as well as their interactions and coupling with the Earth’s surface.


To provide a detailed and accurate description of the earth atmosphere in diverse climate regimes to resolve the uncertainties in climate and earth system models toward the development of sustainable solutions for the Nation’s energy and environmental challenges.


Field Campaigns

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ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment Lubin, Dan 2015.10.01 6.1 months AMF
ARM Cloud Aerosol Precipitation Experiment (ACAPEX) Leung, L. Ruby 2014.12.01 5 months AMF
Study of Cloud Life Cycle Using Stereo Photography Romps, David 2014.08.01 3 months TWP
Biogenic Aerosols- Effects on Clouds and Climate Petäjä, Tuukka 2014.02.01 8 months AMF
Organics and Light Absorption: A Study at the SGP Khlystov, Andrey 2014.01.15 7.2 months SGP
Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GOAMAZON 2014) Martin, Scot 2014.01.01 12.1 months AMF
Integrated Large-scale land-Atmosphere Experiment (ILAEX) Gentine, Pierre 2014.01.01 6 years SGP
Cirrus Clouds and Aerosol Properties Campaign Strong, Shadrian 2013.11.18 4 day(s) SGP
PGS Validatation 2014 Billesbach, Dave 2013.11.01 11.1 months SGP
Radar Wind Profiler for Cloud Forecasting at BNL Jensen, Michael 2013.07.15 24.3 months OSC
Biomass Burning Observation Project – BBOP Kleinman, Larry 2013.07.01 3.8 months AAF
Semi-Continuous OCEC Particulate Measurement Cary, Robert 2013.06.01 6.1 months SGP
Semi-Arid Land Surface Temperature and IASI Calibration Experiment (SALSTICE) Harlow, Chawn 2013.05.06 3 weeks SGP
IASOA Metadata Harvest Design Effort Starkweather, Sandra 2013.05.01 4.1 months SDSR
NSA Scanning Radar IOP Verlinde, Johannes 2013.05.01 8 weeks NSA
Severe and Winter Weather Warnings Experiment Cook, Kenneth 2013.04.15 12.2 months SDSR
New Particle Formation Study 2013 (NPFS2013) Smith, Jim 2013.04.13 6.1 weeks SGP
Manus Water Isotope Investigation Conroy, Jessica 2013.04.01 3 years TWP
UCSD Sky Imager Cloud Position Study Urquhart, Bryan 2013.03.11 7.5 months SGP
Arctic Observing eXperiment Rigor, Ignatius 2013.03.01 13.2 months NSA