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Part 2 of a Message

Received Through Mercedes Kirkel on February 17, 2013


Question: For those who came here from the fourth dimension and chose to not be fully involved in the third dimension, is it time to intertwine with the third and fourth, or somehow lead and show the fourth dimension, like this is where we’re going, knowing that the third dimension is just about done?


Yeshua: Any being who is here in the third dimension has chosen to be here. Individual beings often do not remember that choice, because that is part of coming into the third dimension. You forget that process of choosing to be in the third dimension. At the higher dimensions you do not forget. You remember. Part of what makes the third dimension potentially confusing and difficult is that forgetting process.


One aspect of awakening to the fourth dimension is starting to remember why you chose to come here and to be sure that you have completed that work. There is the fundamental work of having the experiences you chose to have by being here. In that process, most of you have been here for many lifetimes. Over those lifetimes you have opened up to certain experiences that may not be complete. So you may also have completion work to do relative to your experiences during your lifetimes here in the third dimension.


These are two somewhat different things, although they are very related. One is at the soul-level, involving certain experiences and learning you have chosen at the soul-level to have. You then engaged experiences in the third dimension to have that learning and those experiences. That has opened you up to what sometimes is referred to as “karma.” This means that you may have practical completions relative to the experiences that you have had. So the transition to the fourth dimension can involve both practical completions relative to your third-dimensional experiences and soul-level completions, fulfilling the learning and experiences that your soul wanted to have in coming here.


You, as a soul, are not separated from the larger process. Part of what makes the third dimension different is that you have the idea that you are separated and your soul-path is different from other people’s soul-path, other beings’ soul-path. But that is not really the case. You might look at it as you being a scout for the greater being. Any learning, any experiences that you have, you take back to the whole, to the All That Is. So this is not just for yourself. You engage in this process for all beings.


There is also another aspect, where beings have chosen to come into this earth plane of the third dimension and this place as helpers, to support and assist in this process of ascension. That is also a form of life-purpose. Many beings may have both—they have come to gain learning and experience, and also to offer service and support.


Regardless, the process is the same at this point for all beings—to complete whatever you need to complete at the third dimension and to make the shift into the fourth dimension. This shift can be made even while you still exist in the third dimension. It just requires you to apply yourself to that, and that is what the spiritual process is about.


You will know if you have anything left to complete because it will manifest in your life. It generally manifests as challenges, difficulties, problems—in relationships with people, your circumstances such as work, supporting yourself, in relationship to your body, your physicality, your health, your home situation. Whatever it is, those things are manifesting and they inform you that those are areas in which you are not yet complete. So, for most of you, it should be clear from that what your work is.


Beyond that, your work is to be love and light, love and consciousness. Of course, that will feel the best to you and will be the greatest service that you offer. As you are practicing being love and consciousness, you will notice the places where you are not love and consciousness. And again, that will reflect to you where you have growth to do within yourself, because whatever you are manifesting is a reflection of you.


Question: I have a question in regard to relationships. How do you figure out or realize if a relationship is an unhealthy one that’s not serving you, and you need to let go of it and move on—or if it’s something that you need to work with because in working with it you will grow and learn your lessons, and it’s actually healthy and serving you?


Yeshua: The second is always true. Whatever is coming up in a relationship is always something you need to grow and work with, or it wouldn’t be coming up. It’s your choice how you choose to grow and work with that. You can do it in relationship. You can do it out of relationship. A lot of times, working with the issue in relationship helps you, because when you do the work out of relationship, you oftentimes assume that you’re doing very well and everything is fine. Then you get in relationship and you find out otherwise. Many people then make the mistake of blaming the other person, because you were fine when you were by yourself. (laughter) But the reality is that you were simply avoiding that arena. Being in relationship helps you to see your patterns. This is one of the benefits of relationship. It helps you to see yourself, as long as you don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s the other person.


That’s not to say that the other person isn’t doing very real things, doesn’t have their own work. It’s just that that really has nothing to do with your work. And if you focus on that, you will tend not to do your own work. You will also tend to have a lot of difficulty in your relationship, which will oftentimes manifest as conflict, arguing. You will be having arguments about whose work it is to do what, to make the change that you want to have. (laughter)


Ultimately it is always your own work. When you have done that work, you will be manifesting a different situation. Not to say that you will be manifesting a different relationship. You may be, or you may be manifesting the same relationship with a very different pattern happening in that relationship.


So whatever is coming up is always a sign of your own work to do. It is always a gift, ultimately, and an opportunity. But that is not to say that, therefore, you should always stay in the same circumstance that you are in. It is simply that you should always do your own work. When you do that work, you will generally be guided as to the outer steps that come out of that work. That will clarify for you whether to remain in that relationship, make changes in the relationship, or make changes that include not remaining in that relationship. You will be clarified. You will also take the actions from a place that’s increasingly gentle, compassionate, peaceful, because you will more and more be creating those qualities within yourself and emanating that out into your relationships.


If you are not having the clarity, it is a sign that you have not done the inner work. When you do the inner work, you will come to clarity.


There is one measure you can always use, which is that a relationship should be supporting you on your spiritual path. There is no other reason for having a relationship. The measure you can use is that your joy, your love, your consciousness is supported, is increased through the relationship. If that is not happening, that is a sign that the relationship is not supporting you in doing your inner work and your inner growth. So you can use that as a help. But it is not to say that the relationship is bad, or the partner is bad. It’s all about you, meaning each individual. It is simply about what supports you in doing your own work and staying responsible for that.


Some people choose to stay in situations, which other people look at and say, “That’s a bad situation.” What they usually mean is that it’s not supporting the person. But others can’t really know from the outside. They don’t know the full spectrum of your spiritual path, your spiritual choices. Only you know that. Similarly, each individual knows what is supporting their spiritual path.


There is a great deal of confusion that occurs in relationships when people are not strong spiritually and get in relationships. Sometimes it can work out, where there is harmony and where the individuals’ spirituality is ultimately supported. But oftentimes it is a problematic situation because people end up demanding from their partner what they should be getting from their own spirituality. And of course their partner, in that circumstance, will never be able to fulfill that. When you are connected spiritually, connected to God, you will generally see your partner as a manifestation of God and the Divine, just as you will see all of life as a manifestation of God and the Divine. But when you are disconnected, you will not tend to see that and oftentimes will fall into the trap of demanding that from your partner, wanting your partner to fill the hole that you feel within yourself. This is a great deal of the difficulty that occurs in human relationships.


Human relationships at the third dimension are not easy. In general, there are difficulties because the third-dimensional consciousness is so much about power-over, competition, not enough for everyone. In your relationships, you are doing deep spiritual work to overcome this with another being. It can be a very empowered path for doing so, if you see it as such. Again, that does not mean that all relationships are your spiritual path or that you should always embrace any particular relationship as a spiritual path. It is not saying any kind of fixed rule like that. It is simply saying that relationships altogether are a powerful form that support you in your spiritual growth, if you understand them as such.


Question: I’m thinking about how Christianity perhaps has a misperception or a different perspective than you would want the world at large to know about you and your message—how they worship you and put you on a really high pedestal that they can’t reach. Are there any messages for us to hear and convey to other people who may be trapped in this misperception of you, to help open their eyes to a new way of seeing and having a different relationship with you.


Yeshua: In general that path will not be productive—the path of trying to show people another way who are drawn to certain religious structures and belief systems about me.


Those people have their learning and it is different from yours. Those people have manifested a tremendous system of authoritarianism and doctrine, not necessarily based in reality or even truth. And they have their own learning that they are getting from that. You must not look at them as victims, any more than you must look at yourself as a victim. They do not need to be saved any more than you need to be saved. What will help them is the same thing that helps you, which is truth.


But the thing that helps most people, especially at this time, is truth that is felt, truth that is lived. As you live your truth, you can share that as your experience, your truth to people who are open, who are interested, who invite that. But the path of trying to convert people is usually based in some lack of understanding of those peoples’ own process. When they have completed their learning that they need, they will be hungry for something to help them that is new, and will come to those such as yourself because they are seeking, they are looking, they are asking. You do not need to take a directive role in that process.


When you encounter people who seem to be misguided (from your point of view), it would be valuable to ask yourself why you have manifested this in your life. Rather than focusing outward on what you need to do to change that person, consider what you need to do to change yourself. That is where you will be most effective.


Is there a part of you that is still looking for authorities to save you, looking for stories to relieve you, open to not seeing realities or truths that are in front of you? Perhaps you are manifesting that in your outer world as other people who seem to be engaging that.


When you are in the fourth dimension, you won’t have this sense that you have to change the outer world. You will simply change yourself and your outer world will change. So to focus on changing the outer world is to commit to stay in the third dimension. That is a third-dimensional process. It is much better to change yourself and create a different world.


And, while you are in the third dimension, there will be actions, there will be steps that you need to take. It is not that you should never act in the third dimension, or only go into the inner and wait until you are in the fourth dimension. If you are in third dimension then there is a balance, an active role that is called for. This is similar to what I was referring to when I said “give to Cesar what is Cesar’s.” Give to the third dimension what is the third dimension’s. But do not be called to that as your life work. Your life work is to grow in love and light. And that will manifest around you as the obvious sign that that is occurring.


Is that clear?


Question: Yes. Thank you. I love you so much.


Yeshua: And I love you.


Now we will close this session. I thank you so much for sharing your heart space with me. I love you all so much. With great blessings, I leave this circumstance, but never your heart.



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