Uploaded on Jan 23, 2012

In this video, the truth about negativity is revealed. Negativity stems from non-existence. The word negative itself comes from the root word ‘negate,’ which means, disprove or erase. In that sense, all that we call negative is really just the absence of what we call positive. As soon as we understand this experientially, not just intellectually, we rise beyond the level of susceptibility to the negative. We become magnets that attract only the positive. How to understand this experientially? Watch the video through to the end: together, we will do a meditation on awakening the memory of our true nature, which is love and light.

You are a child of the most loving Source imaginable. A child always has the best qualities of the parent. Because you were born from the Source of Love and Light, you ARE a source of love and light.

I love you.

Let’s recreate our collective reality. Let’s revive the Satya Yuga. Let’s become one with the loving source from which we came. Remember: We Are All Love.