This is a great reminder for all of us to check our stinkin thinkin meter!-A.M.

The thought is the basis for all creation . Everything was thought into existence . Even all natural objects that are made by others, existed before as thought before they become material .

You are the creator of your experience, and the way who you think creates how we experience life. The energy follows thought and matter is
concentrated energy. So everything in the material world is the result of thought.

Your whole world , all those people who hires him as a true and lively , it is energy, which has been compressed into the form of the thought. And it is so real , as you wish him to do.

The collectively humanity and other species created this reality, this dimension of existence, so to create another unique experience. This experience is called Earth. Each of you has the power to create whatever it is it wants through what he thinks.

All energy follows thought and as matter is energy and it will also follow the thought. The speed with which things follow the thinking on the earthly plane depends on your attention , skill and practice.

Plays no role in how many negative thoughts you’ve probably done it before – are thoughts you do right now which have power.

Thoughts are energy and like all actions , attract similar actions to themselves. This is the Principle of Resonance . What we think, has a corresponding resonance energy matching if desired, with many objects and situations.

As the entire universe is energy , including the matter that makes up this article, this principle applies to situations , material objects and people. The only way you see the world will affect the way in which we experience , as well as articles and people presented in your life …Our mind becomes magnetized by the dominant thoughts that do. A thought called ” dominant ” when repeated[again and again] below. Acquires a force in psychology who we call ” belief .” It is so loud that acts as a filter that filters everything we experience and perceive . Becomes a ” magnet .” And these ” magnets ” attract to our side forces , people and situations in life that is in harmony with the dominant these thoughts..Blessings.