Pleiadian Council by Goldenlight

aliensDear friends, I have been doing some channelings by voice, and last night was the second voice channeling I did. It was done in a meditative state, and I decided to create an audio file of the channeling so that if you wish, you may lie down and listen to it as a meditation. It was done on a very quiet and still night, and my voice reflects this. If you listen to the video, my voice will guide you through the vision the Pleiadians sent to me last night, a most beautiful vision. There are some pauses in between concepts that I am bringing in, as this is how I received the information. It also allows you to gently and peacefully absorb the concept that they are relaying to us.  Enjoy! ~ Goldenlight

Good evening, we are the Pleiadian Council. We do have some news for you on this transitional reality that you’re in, which is holographic in nature, as are all levels of “reality”. Every dimension, every reality, every hologram, is an extension of Source, and we of the galactic realms are also extensions of Source. We wish to blend with many of you on earth now; we wish to harmonize into a coalescing reality that you may wish to be in. You may wish to meet with us. We have a lot to share with you. There is a global reset occurring. This will change everything….all aspects of your holographic reality as you know it….as you continue to ascend in your higher dimensional awareness. We can meet you in the middle. We could never lower our vibration to show up in your third dimensional world, which is now collapsing rapidly, as we speak. It was too dangerous to announce our presence in the old third dimensional holographic reality. An easier way is for us to meet in a neutral area, and this hasn’t been possible until now, and “now” is a relative term. As we speak to the channel right now, we are outside of time – linear time as you know it, as we exist outside of linear time. The planet now consists of a multitude of different levels of dimensional consciousness. You are each migrating to various levels of the new higher dimensional realms which have come into existence in your respective “realities” on earth. The collapse of the old world continues, and fades into nothingness, blending with  all that is dematerialzing now as part of an outdated, outmoded holographic reality. So many on earth are now unplugged from that and their consciousness is now being attracted into these higher dimensional holographic realities.

The Cities of Light are coming into formation and awareness. These will be higher dimensional learning centers, meeting centers, and healing centers. The first as you know will be appearing in Sedona. This has been written about by Genii Townsend. {Goldenlight note: in her book “Something’s Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!,} and there will be others coming online. There are many intergalactic beings who wish to reunite with those of you who have come from other dimensional realities, and in fact, all of you who are tuning into this communication, have come from other intergalactic realities. Very few of you are native to the earth…..going back in time, all of you were seeded here from intergalactic species. We knew there would come a time when we could reunite with you. That time is fast approaching. It had to be a time when you were raised out of the old 3rd dimensional matrix, when you were freed of the cabalistic slavery system that has existed on your planet for eons of time, although there were brief periods of Golden Eras on your earth, pockets of “time” wherein your societies flourished with peace and prosperity, loving kindness, compassion and harmony between all beings. You are now entering into such a time again. You are now entering into the Thousand Years of Peace. Your duality is falling away, and once again you will embrace the principles of Oneness, equality for all, harmony, peace, prosperity, abundance, cooperation, loving kindness, The Golden Rule (“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You”), Service to All (rather than service to self), unlimited health and wellbeing, ageless, timeless bodies and minds, and expanded higher dimensional learning as part of your culture, with all of the higher abilities of a fully conscious being that are common in the higher dimensions: telepathy, teletransportation, dematerialization, spontaneous manifestation, all these you will be growing into over time, as you learn how to master these abilities and to take great care and responsibility with your growing higher dimensional manifestational abilities.