By Reiki Doc – Posted on 11 November 2012

I was asked recently how to handle negative entities and unwanted astral projection experiences. Someone was having ‘The Sixth Sense’ type of psychic activity, that was both disturbing and unwelcome. I thought my response might be helpful to others that are in this situation.

Here is my reply:

I am smiling. For years I was ‘floaty’ and used to try to find big strong men in relationship to help me ‘ground’. I wasn’t as ‘open’ as you, but I was uncomfortable with the way I was.

1. You can make anything horrible go away. That is the rule of Free Will. Any dark ANYTHING come near you, and all you have to do is THINK or SAY ‘GO AWAY’–and it will. It HAS to. It is the Law of ‘Woo-Woo’. Okay. No more FEAR. That feeds it, and ATTRACTS the icky.

2. Invoke Archangel Michael to ‘cut the ties or cords’ between you and the offending entity. Michael can be in more than one place at once. You call, He answers. Got that?

3. You need Margaret.

4. The golden web of protection will help you to ‘stay in’ and ‘keep everything out’. Get your home cleared, yourself ‘assessed, with removal of negative entities, and protected with the golden mesh’

5. Last, you have a gift! Rejoice! Times are changing, and soon, like me, you will be like the ugly duckling who has learned he is a swan! As the vibrations increase, you will feel more ‘at home’. Learning Reiki is what did it for me. By the time I went through Reiki Master, and made it to Karuna, everything for the first time felt ‘right’. You are likely a higher-dimensional person.

6. And guess what? When we Ascend, you are GOING TO GET YOUR HEARING BACK! (The questioner was deaf) Everyone will be made whole again. Missing teeth, missing legs, missing organs–all back! Isn’t that great? I will be sure to include you in tomorrow’s healing.

7. In the meantime, be sure to ground–a tail from your tail bone rooting into the core of Gaia and ‘holding on’, same with roots out the bottom of your feet, drink lots of water, immerse yourself in salt water (even if it is a handful of sea salt in the bathtub), physically lay on a blanket in the sand or grass, eat plenty of root vegetables (I adore borscht), and get to be ‘hanging on’ to Gaia. I think you will notice improvement.

8. be sure to call or email Margaret. Tell her I sent you! She is the only one that can help long-term.

9. Take some psychic development classes near you (at least four, but don’t channel).

10. Get plenty of sunlight on your non-sunscreened skin!

11. Give thanks. #gratitude is the healthiest psychological and spiritual state to be in. Make a #gratitude journal, and write one entry in it each day! Pluck out negative thoughts as they arise, as you would if in meditation: acknowledge, don’t react, and let it go.

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