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You know, it takes a heck of a lot to shock me with the immense amount of research that I do, however when I watched these videos, it was quite the eye opener. My friends and I are constantly talking about how EVERYTHING we have been taught is a lie. Well, this just seals that conversation right up! Not that I can’t believe it….rather I just didn’t see this one coming.  This exposure gives a whole new meaning to who are the actual puppets really.  And, now we can see which puppeteers have been added to the show.  A great diversion.

Are these people part of the “souless ones” so often referred to ancient texts and scriptures?  Where are their values and moral integrity?

Another thing that came to mind is how much this video will back up Bill Brockbrader  a.k.a. Bill Wood’s take on this other “Seal Team 6.”.

Inelia Benz is at mark 50:46 and Steven Greer at 53:41? Wow! Carol Rosin at 56:34, Daniel Sheehan at 57:10, Rep Kames Traficant at mark 57:55, Issa, Sgt Clifford Stone, Lady Gaga, Rep Carolyn Maloney, 

In The Black’s Law Dictionary of 1871, and Actor is defined as “a slave who attended, transacted, or superintended his Master’s business or affairs.”

This provides more and more reason why we must go within for our answers…actually, we ARE the answer.  Let’s make this one go viral because we choose to increase awareness on this planet, not deny it.

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think and how this effected you! This was one of the perception changers for sure.