Concerning Soul Connections, Soul Counterparts, Karmic Soul Evolution – J’Tariah En Ra El

As channeled through J’Tariah En Ra El

Preparing for the Ascension Eagle Triad (Ashtar’s Trinity)

Our Purpose and Mission

Through the body of Debbie Wright”The Gathering of Souls”

Technically, this lesson is on soul groups, however, we shall throw in a little bit of information concerning soul connections, soul counterparts, twin souls, twin flames, karmic souls… need I say more?

Alright, we shall begin with MY soul group… or what I ‘claim’ as my soul group. Technically, I wasn’t involved, but they came in together ‘because’ of me, so that is why I can claim them as my soul group. Do I have you confused yet? Now, the soul group that decided to come in to be there ‘for’ and ‘with’ me totaled just under one thousand people… a thousand different souls that decided to come in as a group to assist me with the job that I had come in to do. Technically, their contracts stipulated that they were here to assist me, to protect me, to learn, and then to carry forth after I left. That was the original soul contract. They also realized, before coming in, that there was a possibility that, being within human bodies and having human emotions, their stint here might possibly carry through over the course of a multitude of generations. And they all agreed to this. For you see, the ‘right’ scenario… if things went without one hitch… would be just as they are today. If there would have been no problems, if things hadn’t happened appropriately, their soul’s stint on this planet and in this dimension would have been the course of one lifetime. What it means to ‘carry through’ my work after I left was to carry through my work for many generations to come. The impetus that it took, to have the right circumstances happen at the right time to allow the fragmentation for that soul group to take place, took much energy… a culmination of energy that has been seen very few times in the history of this planet.

They could only agree to come in to families that were going to be located approximately within certain areas that I would refer to as ‘my domain’. It would have been pushing the limits just a wee bit too much to have them all born into bodies in Bethlehem, or to have them all born into bodies in Jerusalem, or to have them all born into bodies within Judea itself. Therefore, there was an approximated plan of some of the other places that I would travel to before the ministry actually began. So some of these souls popped in there, to just be a part of the experience from a different point of view than being actually there during the ministry. For you see, the energy that brought me here, and the energy that I carried through during that ministry, I came in with. When I was placed inside that babe, I had all the energy that I would need for the rest of that delegated mission.

There are many things that have never been written about or, if they have been written about, they have been destroyed or have just been put aside as ‘impossible’. For you see, I was a ‘rare’ child, I was a ‘spectacular’ child, I was an ‘unusual’ child. <laughter>

For instance… why did I go into carpentry? Well, technically, at that point in time in the history of this planet, it was unheard of for a son to NOT go into the business of the father. However, it also helped that I could drive pegs without the use of a hammer or mallet. <grin> But that is another story. We’re going to stick with the soul groups.

I knew that I was going to have a ‘group’… that I’d find some here and some there, and some would be tighter than most… of these individuals that were here to assist me. It was not uncommon to be traveling from one point to another and have a stranger walk up and address me, as a child, saying, “Master, I am here for you”. It was kind of hard on parents and siblings to be a part of this once they came in under the veils. But you see, even though I agreed to come into that body, I had no veils… maybe one or two, but they were of no consequence. And here I am, born into a family with a multitude of veils, that in their limited education, thoughts, and thought-patterns, had a very hard time understanding why every wounded animal came to OUR doorstep, why I could walk into a garden in the dead season and new life would appear, why total strangers could walk up and, when meeting one child of many, and on a consistent basis, these strangers would pick that same one child out of the many and call that child ‘Master’. It was easier on the parents, for they had been gifted with visions. However, after awhile, visions do fade, the feelings of the visions tend to fade. It did assist in the fact that both of my parents at that time received intense spiritual training in their earlier years. Both, at separate times of their life, had been cloistered such as what you refer to as priests and nuns in your time. They, too, had been cloistered during specific parts of their life for some of their most intense training. So even though at times they may not understand it, they had a deeper knowledge to not ‘deny’ just because the knowledge did not make sense. Now, the siblings were all younger and did not have such training, but had very patient parents that did not mind the repetition of, “Don’t worry about it, he is special. You, too, are special, just in a different way”.

Many of those of that soul group that I made contact with at some time or another, I knew when they, also, were children, and I played with many of them in various places. Many of you today think that we didn’t get around much in those days. But you see, many of us did not mind walking, and it was not uncommon for someone to just begin walking, get lost in their thoughts and, when they come to, be in a different town. And then they figured, “God led my feet. There must be something here for me”… and allow whatever needed to happen, happen. Well, as you may know, when I was just fresh in this body that I was placed into, my parents were forced to flee from their home and, thus, the grand adventure began.

By the time they were able to come back home, it was seven children later. We made quite the caravan! <laughter> Oh… and the people that followed… you do not hear of those stories too much, either. We had many that insisted on following us because they felt that pull of that soul group and knew that, if they followed that child, they would find the rest of their soul group members. And, if they were able, they followed. When we traveled, we did not travel lightly! We had many in attendance. Due to the veils that the soul group came in with, some of them were able to recognize the energy of each other and some were not. But you see, it mattered not, for I was the glue. They all knew that they had come for me, therefore, it did not matter if they recognized each other. Some did, some didn’t. By the time my ministry was over and done, I had touched base… and actually touched the physical being of… about nine hundred out of the thousand. Due to circumstances changing, due to freewill choice decisions, some of them I was just not able to come into contact with. But you see, it matters not, for when you are talking a ‘soul group’ of that size, whatever most feel, the rest will feel. Do you understand that?


JANISEL: Is that an average size soul group or was it really large?

SANANDA: It would be really hard to average a soul-group size because many come in for a variety of different reasons. Some are much larger. I can tell you that the largest soul group that this planet has seen so far was just over six million, and they are still coming back, until it is time for their soul group mission to end.

GUEST: What did they come for?

SANANDA: They came in to die together, to be a sacrifice. And they did. Even though they all did not die at the exact moment, the exact day, or even the same year, they all died because of the same hand. And that is what counted.

Now, my particular soul group… once it became acquainted with itself in this life… was able to assist each other, as well as assisting me with the job that was meant to be done. What you do not know from your sacred texts is the fact that the reason that some of the names changed [Simon to Peter, Saul to Paul, etc.] was because the energy that they resonated with, from the name that they were given in this lifetime, actually prevented them from recognizing their soul-group members. So once they were given a name that was more conducive to the work within the soul group, they were then able to resonate and recognize each other. Did none of you ever… Forgive me, there are some that have not read those texts. But how many ever questioned the fact that I changed so many names? Do you really think I had a bad memory and could not remember a name, and therefore just named them something new to fit my need? Names carry a vibration, and sometimes that vibration needs to change so that you become more open to the vibration of your work.

This soul group and I did a lot of work in a very short time. And, therefore, when it came time for me to ‘depart’, it was very traumatic. It was very intense energy. It was a love so Divine that, once the glue that held it together left, not only did each of those independent souls fragment, but the soul group that had been so painstakingly put together once it was here, fragmented. But you see, that was their ‘job’. That was their mission. Each one of them, each one of those souls, each one of those Beings, had amped the energies of that mission so intensely that every cell of their Being… of the body and the soul… was infused with the Word of God and that feeling of Love. Therefore, when each of those souls fragmented, and all of those new little babies were born, each one of those new babies was gifted with a piece of that energy. Then more babies came, and more babies came, and more babies came, and the next thing you know, there are six and a half billion babies! <laughter> And, out of those numbers, only a handful of them now have those fragments [from my soul group]. And, yes, those fragments have been seeking each other again. And once they find each other, they are magnetized to each other, and they decide which one they wish to stay with. For you see, even that is part of the contract. These fragments, once they come together, make a mutual agreement as to which body they will reside in once they have come together. And, then, when you get down to what you were referring to as the ‘root’ [original] souls, that soul will decide which body contract it wishes to reside with… not which one carries the most ‘pieces’. For those of you that were not here for this conversation, I just answered one of the questions that came about in the bringing about of this lesson.

All those fragments from that approximately one thousand Beings in that soul group, are now coming together. From that point in time, approximately two thousand years ago, to this point in time, they have been all over the face of this planet, spreading that pure Word of God and infusing the carriers of their fragments with a perfect Love. And they are being magnetized to each other because it is time for them to become One again… those one thousand individual Beings. Did you get that? I love playing with numbers, you realize. But there’s going to come a time when each one of those one thousand Beings that fragmented at that time is all going to find themselves in the same place at the same time. And I cannot say what the impetus of that will be. But I can tell you it will be something magnificent to behold because that pure Word of God will all be back together again. And that pure Divine Love that each of them felt will all be back in the same place at the same time, even though they were not all together when they fragmented, they all still fragmented.

JANISEL: Can you elaborate on how many fragments each one fragmented into?

SANANDA: Well, it just depended on the depth of the feeling and the connection at the time. Those that were there at the moment of my ‘original’ departure fragmented into tens of thousands of pieces. Those that were thousands of miles away may have only fragmented into hundreds of pieces. The root souls carried on through to the death of each of those Beings. But you see, one of the things that happened during that fragmentation process is, those soul fragments went out and immediately attached on to those nearby. For example, we know for a fact of some of those that were there at that time, yes? So let us say that my brother John walked away that day carrying a piece, at least one piece, of all the others. All those that were close in that period of time, in that location, carried with them the fragments as they walked away… millions of fragments. And as they began walking, one of these fragments might see someone that looked appealing, go to them and share a soul song, and decide to stay. They come together and they disperse, finding new homes to begin fulfilling their contract… which was to spread to the four winds, so that one day they might come back together.

The day that John died, in this lifetime that I’m referring to, he was still carrying pieces of at least 400 others that were in that soul group with him. For you see, he had a great ministry and, even though he fragmented, he was gifted by the fragments of the rest of his soul group, to give him the ‘push’ and energetics that he would need to do the intense ministry that he carried forth with. So those that wrote the Gospels, and those that spent time in intense ministries… whether you have been allowed to read their writings or not… are the ones that carried the largest amount of fragments until they died, too. And then their root… the root soul that kept these fragments to them… split. And the split was to cause the fragments that had grown so used to being with that individual, to spread out. It was the sign for them to spread out. These are the root souls, these ‘splits’. Some of them only split into two, only had two root souls, for that’s all it took. Some of them split into three and some four. A part of that soul would continue splitting off until each of those fragments left. So, therefore, can I tell you how many ‘Mary’s’ there are? Can I tell you how many root- Mary’s there are? Can I tell you how many Magdalene’s there are, or how many root-Magdalene’s there are? You bet! Will I? No. Because it’s all redundant now, anyway. That was then, this is now.

Do you remember when we first began these ascension lessons, we discussed that ‘NOW’ is the time when all are beginning to come back together, to go back into the All That Is? That is a true part of that test. That is a true sign of the times. For I can tell you now, there are LESS individuals, today, carrying those soul fragments than there have been since a week after my original departure. Do you understand that concept? Within a week of that day of the soul fragmentation, those soul fragments began reaching out and attaching themselves to other beings. Within thirty years, they were global. So now they are back down to being in very few.

Now… where does ‘soul aspects’ come in at this point in time? I can tell you. <grin> While talking to you (guest), Miriam, from that time, has come to the forefront. You carry a part of Miriam. Your face changes to look as Miriam looked. You do not have a conscious knowledge of the fact that Miriam has come to the forefront and changed you. She is showing herself to me. You [Janisel] have had a revolving door going on, for you carry quite a few… Thomas being the largest that you carry. But the others, too, wish to show themselves to me. Since I am speaking of them, it is re-magnetizing
the energy that they originally came in with, to find me.

GUEST: So… they draw themselves to you?


GUEST: So if we see someone, and we see their faces changing, that’s what the soul aspect is magnetizing to?


GUEST: The soul that they’re speaking to?

SANANDA: Yes. But you see, it doesn’t have to be the soul group that was MINE, it can be one of many soul groups that you have taken into your Being.

JANISEL: Why have I had a revolving door?

SANANDA: Well, besides Thomas, you carry with you the fragments of at least twenty others that were there in that original soul group. And each one of them wishes to take a peak out at me and see… “Is this the time?” Sometimes they remain in the background, and then they feel that pull of that original energy, and they peek out. And I hear the whisper, “Is it time?” And my soul, underneath the machinery, whispers back, “Not yet… but very, very soon.”

When you are sitting and talking to someone, and their countenance changes, their facial features change, their bodies change, that is an ‘aspect’ of a soul from some other time or place, that they carry within their soul, that is showing itself to a part of your soul that was there at that same time and place. And the more profound the changes, the deeper the connection. Now, does this make sense?

GUEST: Can I assume that if I see that happen that I’ve probably
had past lives with that person?

SANANDA: Not particularly with that person, but at least with some of the fragments that they carry. If the change is profound… probably the person. If it’s a little instantaneous flicker of a few seconds or so… probably just a fragment that remembered a fragment within you from that past lifetime. You see, so many of you get so wrapped up in the thought and the concept of “I am just one soul that has lived lifetime after lifetime.” Well, I apologize beforehand… I am correcting you. You are many souls within you.

GUEST: Are there any ‘pure’ souls here now?

SANANDA: Hmmm… without ‘attachments’? No. That are just ‘carriers’
for the attachments? Yes. Do you wish that explained more?

Some souls have come in from… shall we say, ‘elsewhere’… to be here
for a job. And if they have never been here before, they need teachers that HAVE lived here before, to teach them the ins and outs of planet earth, or the ins and outs of the third dimension, or the ins and outs of ‘living blind’. So that pure soul will come in and contract to carry fragments in exchange for those fragments teaching them how to survive here.

Now, I wish to mention several other soul groups so that you might have a deeper understanding of some of the soul groups that come in
together. We have, for instance, what you refer to as your Quartet
[consisting of J, D, M and K]… the four souls that came in together to do something FUN. Has it not occurred to you yet, that if this one has never had past lives here before, how did you contact her?

GUEST: Through the Internet? <grin>

SANANDA: [laughter] Well, I can tell you, even though this one had not had a lifetime here on this planet before, long before she walked into this body on top of this rock, she assisted from above the rock… for quite some time. She kept ‘close tabs’. You might call it ‘the Galactic Recruitment Center’ where you met. You [M] and this one [D] came in together. When the call went out, you both volunteered. You [J] and the other [K] had come in from two entirely different places, but you met at the Recruitment Center. You had a lot in common, and you decided, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we did this?” Well, over the course of many lifetimes, you would come back together and solidify details of what it is that you wished to do, and became ‘fast friends’… family. So now you have come in for this one lifetime to do this one thing [the Quartet].

Then, you have the largest soul group that I told you about before, that came in as a sacrifice to teach the societies of this world that they were not working and that something needed to be changed. And even though that large soul group is not given credit for what it is that they wrought upon this world, they are still here, many of whom are still alive in the original bodies that they came into. Many have agreed to stay alive until the culmination. So, by the time they leave as a soul group, some will be very ancient in the original bodies, and some will be brand-new born babes… on perhaps the third or fourth incarnation since the original contract.

There are soul groups that come in to experience a point in time of history. They see something is about ready to happen, and they think, “This would be a good time. This looks like fun!” So, they contract with each other, and jump into the arena and experience. At another point in time, what you call the destruction of Atlantis, approximately two million contracted to leave at the same time. However, there was also a contract for the little over a million of them that left and evacuated. So it involved more than just one contract. You cannot ask me to pick the ‘average’ size, for they are so diverse… depending on who and what.

Now, it’s time for me to ask some questions.

Have you ever met someone for whom you felt immediate recognition,
immediate attraction, immediate love?

Of course, you have. Each of you has. You just came together with a
member of your soul group.

Have you ever sat and had a discussion with someone where, all of a sudden, you find you’re astonished because they do not look like themselves any longer? Perhaps you’ve even been treated to the slide show where, during the course of a two-hour conversation, you see thirty different Beings in front of you.

If your answer to this is ‘yes’, do you feel that you can allow your brain the opportunity to realize that you were sharing soul aspects with each other, and that YOU changed just as many times as they did? For if they have thirty different ones that pop up for you, you can rest assured that you had thirty pop up for them.

Now… what does this have to do with ascension? That is simple. Each time a soul group comes to completion, they leave together. And is that not ascension… no matter which form of ascension they choose to take? MY group is coming very close to being complete, and being in the same place at the same time. And this is such a spectacular group of bearers of energy, that we’re all eagerly awaiting to see what it is that will happen when they all get together in the same place at the same time.

OK… that’s the class. <grin> We shall leave it on a ‘question’.

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Awakening and Your Mission
Through the body of Debbie Wright

This is going to be a little bit different.  I’m going to teach a class and you’re the students.  Are you ready?  Good!  Things have advanced greatly, you realize.  Globally, I think is what you call it.  You see, many of you… and in this term I speak very generally… have had a sense of ‘urgency’.  Many of you have had a ‘feeling’ that you might not quite be able to put into words.  And many of you have felt a ‘heaviness’, perhaps even lost your temper?  But you see, that is because it is now the time.  The Awakening Process is done.  Those who have refused to awaken are not out of the picture.  They will be allowed to continue sleeping.  Some might even have a little bit of an awakening later on, however, their missions have been suspended.  Does this tell you anything?  You may continue with the work you are currently doing, and you may continue shaking these people if you wish, however, now is the time to shake those that have been saying they are here to awaken others.  Are you ready for the shaking?

Many of you have heard the term ‘ascension’, and some of you have been striving for this.  Now, how many of you in this room feel that you are ready for ascension?  Please bear in mind, this is one of those questions you are not suppose to answer verbally.  We are bringing your ego into the forefront.  In order for Lightworkers to begin doing their job more proficiently, it is time to put the egos in check, and in order for you to do this, it is time to see where your egos have led you, yes?  There is not a person on this planet today that is ready for ascension… not ascension in its ‘perfection’.  I speak in the ‘perfected’ term, not the rising of the vibration as my brother Sananda speaks of.  I speak of the manner of ascension with which my brother accomplished in the physical.

We have been here all along.  We have been here to give love, to give comfort, to give support.  We have been here to ‘cheat’ when we can, to give little tidbits of information, to make you laugh, to share with you some of the experiences that might possibly assist you in what you volunteered to come here to do.  You volunteered to come in with freewill choice.  You understand this?  You volunteered to do what seemed, at the time, to be a most easy of jobs.  You volunteered to come in to help rise the vibration of the peoples of this planet so the vibrations of this planet, herself, might then be raised.  You understand this?  You acknowledge this?  And you say that you do this.  I have not come this evening as a judge, I have come, more or less, as a ‘statistician’… to share with you how much more needs to be done.  There are many that say they are ready to leave, they’re tired, they feel defeated.  They feel that they have done their best and it’s time to move on.  Guess what?  They all get to stay.  How many of you feel that you have had your last contractual rearrangement, and that your contract time is almost complete?  I shall not answer that one for you yet.  I wish for your egos to mull that one over for awhile.  How many of you feel that you are doing exactly what need be done… following your mission or your contract?  I will not approach the answer to that one, yet, either.  We shall let your egos mull over that one for awhile, too, shall we?

If you cannot do your mission to the fullest, that is your choice, that is part of your contract.  You have a choice to decide yea or nay.  If you deem it necessary to be out working a job, to make money, to keep a roof over your head, to feed your children, to clothe yourself, to pay your veterinarian bills, to your teeth fixed, to pay your insurance, to drive your cars, to fly your planes, to do all of this OTHER stuff that you need to have money for, that is your choice.  However, each mission has an ‘out-clause’.  You can carry on from this day forward doing whatever you need feel to do to support yourself, but you see… my brother Sananda referred to it as ‘tithing’, I call it fair-energy exchange… no matter what you call it, you CAN assist those that ARE living their mission.  You can help finance THEM.  You can give them a place to work ‘from’.  You can carry forth from this day and you can continue learning yourself, you can continue sharing yourself, but if you feel that you have to go out and work to do that, then that is, I believe you call it, eight hours a day, that someone else is doing your work for you… your mission work.  Pay them their salary.  Now, does that make sense?  You can call it tithing, you can call it charity, you can call it fair-energy exchange, I could care less what you call it.  But if you are not doing your work, someone is doing it for you.  And if you wish to share with the energies that they receive from doing this work for you, you’d better pay for it, don’t you think?  Now, please bear in mind.  As I explained before, this is not just for those sitting in this room… this is for ALL of those out there that shall be reading this, for this is going to be sent out immediately, if not sooner. You have time to get the job done, but you’d better get started.  If you have limitations, that you feel you can only work in a certain atmosphere, then work in your certain atmosphere.  But if you claim that you do not have that atmosphere to work in right now… who’s to fault?  Go out and find it.  Find a new one.  For all you need…EVERYTHING that you need… you have.  It’s right here [heart] inside each and every one of you.

There is not a one of you that calls yourself a Lightworker that’s here for YOURSELF!  Let me repeat this.  There is not a one of you that is here for yourself.  You have come here for the planet, you have come here for the peoples of the planet.  You are not here for personal gain, you are not here for personal recognition.  You are here to do a job.  You’re here to, hopefully, save the life of a planet… a Being that has desperately to cry out for SOMEONE to hear her!  Here’s another one of those wonderful questions.  When was the last time any of you talked to her, listened for her, told her that you love HER?  How many of you want to hear someone say, ‘I love you’?  Don’t you think that planet needs to HEAR that?   Don’t you think this planet needs to FEEL that?  Out of the 6-1/2 billion humanoid lifeforms that live upon this planet, she cannot hear ANY.  And she is to the point now where you will have to come together in large groups and scream as loudly as you can, ‘I LOVE YOU’, in order for her to hear you.  What happens to a being on this planet of polarity when they spend a lifetime not receiving love, not feeling love?  They go deeper and deeper inside themselves, do they not?  They feel alone, they feel scared.  This planet has not felt that love in over 150 of your years.  Do you realize this?  You shall have to forgive me… I get very passionate when I speak of this.

What if I were to tell you that each and every one of you can save this planet, can save humanity?  Would that make you feel better, or would that make you feel more depressed?  I believe the term is ‘It’s one hell of a responsibility’, but that’s what I’m here to tell you.  That’s your job… to save humanity.  Do you realize this?  THAT’S YOUR JOB!  Now comes another one of those wonderful questions.  What have you done for humanity lately?  I neutralized a nuclear warhead… with technology.  I didn’t do it by myself, either.  There was approximately 7000 of us working on that.  Do you realize it was that close?  Do you realize that it’s that close on almost a DAILY BASIS right now?  Now… is that going to prevent you from doing your job, or is it going to make you work harder?  Do you realize that, in the decade that you refer to as the 60’s, there was more unity THEN on this planet than there is NOW?  Do you realize that?  It’s your ego.  Your egos are the basis of your pride, greed, selfishness, whatever it is that you wish to call it.  We are not going to tell you to destroy your ego, for that would destroy YOU.  All we ask of you is to master it, domesticate it a bit.  COME TOGETHER!  That is YOUR job.

It’s called ‘dedication’, it’s called setting your sights to the job to be done… and the rest of it be damned.  For if you set your sights for the job to be done, ahhh… your soul sings that magical, mystical song that calls in all of the forces for you to have exactly what you need to have.

Now it’s time to wake up to clarity, to know a little bit more about what it is that you are to be doing.  Do you understand?  If you cannot go forth and do the jobs, that’s fine, because some of you did nothing more than contract to help support those that do.  Do you understand?  Support financially, support emotionally, support mentally… whatever.  You will know.  For we have many of you for many jobs, and some of you manifest more easily than others.  And if that is your talent, then who do you think is supposed to benefit from that?  That is your job… to help those that ARE doing the grunt work.  And you can be highly thankful that you’re not one in the trenches, yes?  Search your heart, take it to the BEST ‘Father’… take it to God.  God will answer now.