Photo: Art by Janosh, entitled “Release”
THE IMAGE I’ve chosen to accompany today’s Journal is a piece by Dutch artist Janosh entitled “Release.” Janosh creates holographic images of geometric patterns as a tool to enhance growth and transformation.
Here’s what Janosh says about the purpose of “Release” and its energetic effects:

“You feel that you want to change your life. Deep in your heart, you know that something has to change, but there is still something you doubt. It is your constricted pattern of thought that keeps you from your true power; programmes which you have experienced through fear. To get rid of this, you have to let go of your self-judgment. Do not be afraid to think big, because you can achieve much more than you think possible. The frequency of ‘Release’ removes the prejudgment of yourself, and this makes your brain, because of the changed ideas, encourage your DNA to develop itself.”

Given the planetary influences in effect this week — and based on conversations with friends and clients over the past few days — this release work seems especially appropriate and very important right now.
(If you receive a text-only version of this journal and want to work with the Release image, or if you want to read more about Janosh’s work, please visit his website at
THE PLUTO-URANUS THEMES of transformation, revelation, restlessness and rebellion are likely to be highlighted in many ways this week. Since the New Moon on September 15, certain issues have been growing in our awareness. Now, with a powerful Full Moon on the calendar for next Saturday, we may be ready to make those life-changing decisions — or, at the very least, open to a greater awareness of what needs to change — that will accelerate our forward motion.
The effects of this Full Moon will be strongest next weekend, but we will be working with its themes throughout the week as the lunar cycle builds, and as other planets interact with the force field that has been set up by the Pluto-Uranus square.
A MARS-VENUS SQUARE is exact on Thursday, but both planets interact with Pluto and Uranus starting on Monday. This means the dance between masculine and feminine archetypes and traits is centerstage throughout the week. This is our opportunity to see our conflicting internal needs more clearly, and also to observe how those conflicts are reflected externally in our relationships with others.
With Mars in Scorpio pushing against Uranus on Monday and Pluto on Tuesday, we may be feeling especially restless and resistant to being told what to do. We can feel the pressure of others’ unspoken needs, especially if we sense any attempts at manipulation. We remember “all those times” we gave away our power, and are bound and determined not to do THAT again.
With Mars so busy energetically, we may find it very difficult to hold in our reactions this week. This will be especially true if we feel someone is trying to control us. At the same time, we must also watch our own tendencies to manipulate others to get them to do what we want, instead of having the courage to state our needs directly.
BEGINNING ON TUESDAYVenus in Leo is also engaged with Pluto and Uranus. Venus is representing a very different part of us — the part that longs to feel special and loved, to be appreciated, and to belong. This is the part that enjoys the first stages of relationship, when all of life’s colors seem particularly vibrant, and there are no questions about the other’s adoration.
This week, that part may feel very impatient with relationships that do not meet the ongoing needs for feeling seen, honored and accepted. Instead of seeing the colors of life enhanced, we may be complaining about all the ways we no longer feel fulfilled by how things are going. 
BY THE TIME we get to the actual Mars-Venus square on Thursday, we may have much of the buildup in tension behind us. As a result, we may be able to see more clearly what changes may be needed to make our relationships — and our lives in general — more satisfying.
What we are really trying to do is find what is at the heart of dissatisfaction we may be experiencing. Mars in Scorpio represents the part of us that wants intimacy, honesty, and depth. Venus in Leo represents the part of us that wants the joy of self-expression, playfulness, and creativity.
Both of these needs are legitimate, and as we work with this square, each of us will need to come to terms with where there is imbalance in our life experience. And, Uranus and Pluto will help us let go of the old ways and create the new, as needed.
THE HIGHLIGHT of the week, energetically speaking, is the Full Moon, exact on Saturday evening in the Pacific Time zone. This is a powerful lunation because the Moon is within a degree of being conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. In other words, the Full Moon carries with it the full energies of the Pluto-Uranus square that was exact last week.
For those who have been needing that extra boost of motivation or courage before taking action, this Full Moon supplies plenty! And, if we’ve been waiting for life to show us the next road to take, this Full Moon may also give us some clear indicators — both of what needs to be left behind or released, and of what forward steps will be most enlivening and fulfilling.
BECAUSE THE ENERGIES of change are so strong in the chart for this Full Moon, I very much appreciate the Sabian symbol for the degree of the lunation:

“A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an East wind: Protection and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness.”

We all want to know, as we go through the choices and changes of life, that we are both protected and guided. This image gives us a reassurance that these intense times are also very purposeful times.
A bit more of the interpretation of this symbolic image, adapted from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala:

“The image implies a rather strong wind, thus the activity of some more-than-material, and especially psychic, forces. These originated in the East, traditionally the seat of spiritualizing and creative-transforming influences. The woman’s hat has streamers, which enable it not only to respond to the wind but to indicate its source. In other words, the image symbolizes a stage of development of consciousness in which the nascent powers of the mind are both protected and influenced by energies of a spiritual origin. Under protective guidance, a most receptive person is being influenced by spiritual forces.”

If you are in the midst of change or challenge (and who, these days, is not?), remember the image of this woman, wearing a hat with its streamers blowing in the wind. It will remind you that there is guidance available, and that you are protected throughout the process underway. You might also want to imagine how it would feel to be that woman and to wear that hat, with its clear indicators of when you are receiving messages and guidance from the unseen.
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