NorthPoint Astrology Journal:  – by Pam Younghans

Photo: Last week’s Total Solar Eclipse, as seen from Pormpuraaw on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia (photo by Geoff Sims on November 14, 2012)

WE’RE IN that other-worldly zone between eclipses now, where our attention is split between the “real” world of our conscious minds and an ethereal world more familiar to other levels of our awareness. We can feel like we’re in the dream state even as we go through the mundane routines of our days — and, with Mercury also retrograde (moving backward), our sense that we are walking with Alice through her looking glass is magnified.

Our guidance right now is to interpret reality as we would a dream sequence. This means we observe what occurs with some detachment, understanding that events are aligning now to help increase our self-awareness.

It also means that we can benefit from interpreting events symbolically, even as we may also need to handle situations in more practical ways. We can pay close attention to the messages from animals, especially birds. Books and online dream or symbol dictionaries can provide good insights and help us understand on the meanings underlying our physical experience.

ON WEDNESDAY, our sense that life is a Salvador Dali painting is likely to increase, due to a Neptune-Sun square that occurs right after the Sun enters Sagittarius. This planetary aspect can soften the boundaries between dimensions, so that we are not quite sure, at any given time, whether we are dreaming or awake.

Is it coincidence that an original Salvador Dali etching was in the news this past week, having shown up as part of someone’s donation to a Goodwill store in Federal Way, Washington? Or that the title of the original etching is “Reflections”?

Here’s an image of the etching that turned up this week:

Like many of Dali’s artworks, this one includes a timepiece that appears to be melting — or at the very least has lost its typical and expected structure. Interpreted symbolically, it’s another confirmation of how our perception of time is shifting in these highly-energized times.

I DO NOT KNOW what inspired Dali to create this particular etching, but I am intrigued by the images, especially in the context of our current reality.

The line drawings in the upper left and lower right corners appear to be a woman and a man. The woman has a snail atop her head, while the man’s brain seems to be a jumble of curly lines and who knows what else. Both of these — the slow-moving snail brain and the confused thinking — seem right in keeping with the effects of our current Mercury retrograde!

THE FULL-COLOR portions of the etching also draw my attention. The hand with the melting watch on its wrist is pointing up toward a painting of the face of a cliff, as seen from below.

As much talk there is these days about cliffs and endings, I find it interesting that the image does NOT show us about to go over a cliff. Instead, we are observing the formation from a distance, taking a more detached perspective. And, I like that the cliff is in the sunshine, which gives it a positive spin. Evenso, the place we are standing, as we look toward the cliff, is behind a tree and in the shadows, not yet completely trusting the sunlight.

WHICH BRINGS US BACK to the astrology for this week. The transformational Pluto-Uranus energies that we’ve been working with since last spring are highlighted again, this time through aspects with Mars.

Uranus squares Mars on Friday, an aspect that normally would indicate irritations, tempers flaring, and sudden actions taken based on those aggressive feelings. But, at the same time, we also have new stabilizing and healing aspects at work, through sextiles from Saturn and Chiron to Mars.

SATURN tends to have a bad reputation, since the planet often corresponds with reality checks we would rather not have to deal with. But when Saturn is in positive relationship with another planet, as it is with Mars on Saturday, we can rely on the practicality, discipline and resourcefulness the ringed planet provides, and use it to move forward in the direction of our desires. And, with Saturn now in Scorpio, we will be acting from a place of deep integrity and understanding of our own motivations.

Synchronistically, Chiron also sextiles Mars on Friday. So, even if there are some surprises brought forward by the Uranus-Mars square, we’ll have immediate opportunities to soothe our initial discomfort through deepening our trust in the universe and in positive — even if yet unseen — outcomes.