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Source: Return to One – return to the sacred circle
Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 14:23

Is there anything as beautiful as a rolling ocean? Who can resist all that hypnotic energy in motion? Just look at the people who lose an hour watching waves burst on the shore. It’s an invigorating gift from Gaia if only we take a moment to partake in the majesty of Water.

Yet, its soothing charm disguises a great power to change our lives forever. Whether it’s a spiritual breakthrough in life, a spanky, new lover, a heartbreaking sacrifice, or the birth of a child (sometimes all the above at the same time), this sign can transform our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.

This is the effect of Cancer in the Zodiac. But, what is this sign, really?

In my occult studies at the feet of one of the most amazing Goddesses to ever walk the planet, I learned that it’s all about Universal Love. Or, rather, it’s about the soul-bonds of that Love. What the mystics call, ‘All That Is’; and the geeks call, ‘The Force’. In short, it’s our drive to get home again—to be home again—and everything that gets us there.

All Cancers know the Way. The road home is through the Heart. It’s in that feeling that longs to liberate ourselves and let our dreams fly. It’s in the nurturing part of ourselves that understands that not everything in life need be practical; and that as long as the kids are safe, hubby’s happy, and everyone’s fed, why not spread our wings a little, too?

Lo! This sign is about cosmic vision. There is a hidden mystery in Cancer that has been carefully concealed for ages: the true animal of this sign is the Unicorn, not the Crab. Only us real witches know that one. *giggles…I mean, cackles*

Not that the Crab isn’t tremendously significant to people born in Cancer’s waters; and, like the meanings of the recently discovered outer planets (I’m talking Uranus and beyond), the Human race has already woven the symbolism of the Crab into its astrological, collective unconscious. That doesn’t mean we should so easily dismiss why this secret has been kept for so long, though*. There’s something we’re not supposed to know here.

  Now, what could the Illuminati be up to by trying to hide the truth of Cancer from the Human race? Hmmmm.

Could it be that the Unicorn is all white? That color stands for Purity, Death, and Transition. Could it be a reference to what it takes to Ascend? Mmmmm, could be. What about those hooved feet? We all know the Illuminati have a thing for hooves, but I don’t think that’s quite it, either. Oh! I know! What about that horn?! Could that be it?

What is it about that spot on the forehead? Can anyone tell me?

Yes, Cancer refers to our Third Eye. Phew! Doesn’t it feel good to get that out? It was like holding our breath for 500 years.

The Mother archetype is all about the (long E) mystical connection to ‘God’. Who knew? Sadly, a group of evil, let’s call them, ‘men’, thought they should stand in for the Grand Lady’s divine perspective for the last 7,000 years. Wasn’t that nice of them?

Why does a Priest give rites inside a building representing the sacred womb? Or, in a grove, on a mound of earth, or in a cave? And, why does he wear a woman’s robe? For better genital comfort? No, it’s because only a Woman can give that kind of holy sacrament.


Still, it hasn’t stopped the “Lords of Light” from charging us a fee for their bland, imitation, deistic services ever since. Enlightenment! 10% off, all this week!

Ah, the perils of leaving the Path of Gaia to walk with the Aton Solar Cultists. These are the guys who tried to convince everyone that the Phallus and Reason were all that really mattered; and that the Yoni and the Divine Feminine need not apply. How’s that working out for everyone, by the way?

Unbalanced, religious teaching leads to unbalanced, spiritual corruption…and a lot of personal danger. Anyone who has enlisted in one their U.N.-sponsored, god’s-on-our-side, neo-con wars can tell you the same thing: there are no Atheists in foxholes, only Illuminati Accountants.

So, I ask again, what is Cancer?

Well, anyone who’s ever stared down the business end of a mother bear can probably answer that question. It’s someone who knows what’s most important in Life and doesn’t hesitate to protect it. The Sun’s passage through Cancer this month will inflame our familial values, and our passion to defend our precious planet.

It comes at just the right time in history.

~ Welcome to Water World ~


Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Though the ride may get a little scary and dark, please try to relax: it’s just the world healing itself.

We are about to embark on six months of teary, therapeutic, dramatic fun to assuage our over-worked heads and under-nourished hearts. Then, once we get our big owies bandaged, we can get on with fixing the rest of the planet. For those out there who have been hoping for a big, soapy squeegee to help wipe away this global mess, we’re about to get one.

Neptune, the great God of the Sea, is now retrograde in watery, transcendental Pisces; Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’, has gone retrograde in Pisces, as well; Mercury is about to go retrograde in the internal ocean of Cancer; Saturn is floating around in the witchy sign of spooky Scorpio; the Sun has just moved into Cancer; and now Jupiter is about to set sail through Cancer, too.

It’s the perfect psychic storm.

It’s time to get on with the New Age, and Neptune is helping by sending us a mystic monsoon to wash away our old, stagnant dreams. The surging sea will unclog the pipes (think: ley lines) of all that Illuminati, Generation Me, synthetic crapola that has backed up over the last three or four decades. I think everyone agrees it’s time to flush out the system with a big dose of Truth and Inspiration.

Though it may hurt a little, and a few tears may be shed, the lashing psychic winds will only blow away what’s been holding us back from making positive changes in our world. It’s by restoring what’s most important—Love and Life and Mother Earth—that we will find lasting peace.

My best advice for the rest of this year is to follow the wisdom of the 29th hexagram of the I Ching, K’an. Water on water. A flash flood that rockets down a mountain-side. One will drown if they resist and try to hold on to safety—it’s best to let go into the swirling eddies and whirlpools of the raging river and let the water’s turbulence play itself out.

    ~ Full Moon in Capricorn ~

The Moon goes full on June 23rd in practical, no-nonsense Capricorn. With the empathic hurricane bearing down on us, it’ll be good to have something solid and earthy to hang onto this month. It will help us keep it real.

Capricorn does what’s right for everyone, and the Moon will nurture those qualities. The keynote for this lunar cycle centers around giving everyone the space to work things out. Personal and social freedom is emblazoned on Aquarius’ Banner for the New Age and it’s important, now more than ever, that people have the room to freely be themselves.

This Moon reminds us that if it no longer works, we should probably leave it behind; otherwise, we end up carrying around the same, old patterns of disconnected, day-to-day doubt. It’s telling us that, sometimes, we have to leave behind what no longer matters in order to get on with what does.

~ Jupiter enters Cancer ~

All I can say about the transition of Jupiter into Cancer’s great Mother Sea is, ‘thank Goddess!’ With so many defunct social institutions coming apart at the seams lately, we could use some communal glue to hold together the ones that are still important.

Jupiter energetically expands anything it touches; and Cancer is first and foremost about women, family, and home. Anything that goes along with that, too: lovers, parents, siblings, children, dreams, spirit, emotions, and all that funky, right-brained stuff. In other words, for the next thirteen months, the Lord of Fortune will massively power the on-going, re-balancing work of the Divine Feminine. *golf applause*

With Cancer’s natural ability to see into the next world, we’re all about to receive a huge upgrade in that department, too. Jupiter will begin to expand our third eye’s capabilities starting this month and all the way until He passes into Leo in July of 2014. Are you ready to take a celestial ride?

Still, we need to be careful. Though Jupiter will expand Cancer’s good-natured love and recuperative powers, He’ll also bring out the dark side of Cancer. I’m specifically talking about simple spats turning into life-altering, knocked-down, dragged-out, emotional brawls with our loved ones during this passage. Relationships may explode. (Especially, this month and November!) Take heed.

It’s that vindictive, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’ energy we need to watch for here. We will take great personal strides by next summer; in the meantime, be careful of the temptation to burn bridges because a few volatile feelings have been aroused. There’s always more to the picture than meets the eye.

Most of us will come sailing through Jupiter’s trip through Cancer will no problem; but for those of us who are empaths and seers, it may get a bit rough. Dealing with so many people awash in their own karmic anguish is a problem for those of us that can feel another’s pain. Try to keep in mind that this is one of the reasons we came here—to heal this world. If we can concentrate on that, we may avoid being drawn into a sea of collective despair.

~ Mercury Retrograde in Cancer ~

Okay, did everyone bring their traveling towels? It gets a bit wet out here on the edge of the galaxy and it’s always best to bring along something comfy and absorbent. Especially, when we’re about to be hit with an emotional tidal wave.

I know splashing around in the Waters of Life can be fun, but what about when a 50 foot wall of grief comes at us? I’d whistle the theme song to Hawaii 5-0, but it’s in bad taste to make light of other people’s suffering. This year, a lot of people will be re-visiting their memories of loss, their feelings around their own short-comings, and those embarrassing personal moments we always seem to remember when we’re down.

When Mercury goes retrograde, we know we’re in for a re-evaluation and adjustment period. This year, all Mercury’s reverse machinations are in the element of touchy-feely Water which means our Hearts are getting an overhaul this solar cycle. Ready, or not.

When things like this happen, I always ask myself, why is it happening in the bigger picture? Like, why is our world being asked to review its deeply-felt views on our loved ones, our dreams, and our society? Why now?

Sadly, the reason I found is that many of us have turned our backs on our planetary roots and fallen for the promise of a faster, safer future; the silicon, community facade of iPhones, 20 meg pipe-lines, perimeter security-systems, and *hugs* over a keyboard. Where has that lead us? Disillusionment, alienation, and a world full of non-biodegradable garbage.

I feel like so many others these days and ask dinner guests who flip open a 3” view-screen to step outside as if they were smoking a cigarette. No one needs that kind of fake-living crapola around good food and good company. It’s such a slap in the face to the actual people in the room.

This Mercury retrograde in Cancer will bring all the connections we’ve cut from our lives back into focus: old friends, estranged family, and a real-life community. We need to start paying attention to what gives life meaning again.

We have allowed the idea of a ‘for-profit’ future to infect so many aspects of our lives that most people have become hopelessly dependent on their plastic high. This year’s Deluge of the Soul will scour all that away. When the waters recede, it will reveal our forgotten Hearts that have become buried in centuries of Illuminati sludge.

This year, we return to our roots; this year we return to our senses. Can I get a hallelujah, sister?!

~ Grand Trine in Water; or, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter take a Bath ~

One of the bright spots during this gloomy summer and fall is the Grand Trine in Water on July 17th. It heralds a brief time of global unity and compassion; and it underscores the theme of the next two seasons, I think.

Underneath all the ardent change, we are coming together as a single, compassionate, planetary race. In order to do that fully, we have to cleanse a lot of our old, individual pain. This is why it will be raining tears for the next six months—it will bring about a cathartic flood to bring us all closer.

This Grand Trine is an omen of what’s to come: connected and holistic living. It shows us where we’ll end up if we can get through the next half year or so. First we need to stand on our own two feet as mature, cosmic adults, though.

Also, Uranus goes retrograde on the same day as the Trine giving us a much needed break from our on-going internal revolution. It’s time to move on with things, and Uranus is taking a break from firing us up in Aries to allow us to do so. I’ll be covering this next month, so I’ll leave the specifics for July’s article.

    ~ Wake Up, Wake Up! ~

I choose ‘Lifeboats’ by Snow Patrol this month to remind us that help is available to us during moments of crisis—if only we ask. Our Guardian Angels are always listening and are just waiting for us to call on them.

We brought ourselves to this period of historical tribulation so that we could accomplish greater goals that will shine upon our Akashic records forever. Sort of a karmic Post-it that says, “I was here; and though it was a really tough job, I helped bring world peace to the planet!” However, that doesn’t mean we are alone in clearing away the debts of the past.

I also hope this song emphasizes the tenacious, loving nature of Cancer. Its ability to look past misunderstandings, crayons on the wall, and spilled milk; it’s gift to see beyond pain and frustration and love anyway.

To say this sign is a warm, goopy surprise is a bit of understatement to anyone who has ever met a Cancer. These folks carry with them a picture of every friend they ever knew in their life. And that’s just in their billfold. Stepping into their home is like stepping into art gallery with paintings and collages of relatives, fond memories, and loved ones.

Back at the beginning of this article, I asked, ‘what is Cancer?’

It turns out that kind of fluid question is almost impossible to answer; but, I can say this beyond anything else I’ve learned about this mysterious, permeable sign…

…it’s a feeling.

Blessed Be,


‘Lifeboats’ by Snow Patrol