Earth Guide, Sun in Capricorn, 2013


Published on Saturday, 21 December 2013 21:28
Source: Return to One: Return to the Sacred Circle



    “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
      – Hamilton Wright Mabie


One of my favorite things in life is the look of footsteps in freshly, fallen snow. They summon images of where they may have been and where they’re going. Of icy mysteries and playful innocence; of walks, hand-in-hand, with lovers; of sledding down hills with friends; and being curled up in front of a fire with some hot chocolate.


They remind me of home.


I especially love how this time of year brings out the inner child in everyone. It’s a time when we’re encouraged to believe in magick again, when even the most hardened Scrooge can—if only for a fleeting moment—believe in miracles, and giving, and goodwill. And flying reindeer. How many of us have gone to the window on Christmas Eve, looked out into the cold night, and wondered?
It’s also a time when we realize that money has little value in what matters most for people. It’s a reality check; especially for those who are barely keeping their head above water. Many of us are rebuffed so badly by the commercial aspects of the holidays that we have to find other ways of showing affection. When we do, we come to one inescapable conclusion: love doesn’t come with price tags.


There’s always a way to express our appreciation of others, and that’s a very comforting thought. There’s more than enough love to go around. It’s for every one of us—not just those with gold cards.


We can take care of each other with a heartfelt hug, an invitation to our humble, vagabond dinner-table, or a homemade card left at someone’s door. Even a smile goes a long way this time of year when many people find themselves alone. It’s in all these things that we find love, and none of it has to come with “packages, boxes, or bags”.


By existing in gratitude, and giving freely of ourselves, we can improve life for everyone around us by simply being a joyful and compassionate person. Just have to dust off the commercial nonsense of this time of year, focus on love, and making this world a better place.


And leaving some tracks in the snow.



~ Sun enters Capricorn ~


As another year draws to a close, I always find myself thinking things over. Capricorn is funny that way. It somehow seems conducive to personal meditation.


I guess that’s no surprise as Capricorn is powered by Saturn, also known as Father Time. It’s in this sign that we learn the value of making the most of life’s limitations; and it’s only natural to think things over as we approach the end of the year. What have we done, we are we now, and how much time is left in the big picture? Tick-tock, tick-tock.


The Sun dies and is reborn in Capricorn. Talk about making the most of one’s limits—death is one helluva of a limitation! Yet the beauty of this sign is that the Sun rebirths itself, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, and life continues “3 days later” in Aries.


It is wise to follow the path of Mother Nature. And right now, as winter sets in, She is advising us to economize our resources, ponder this year’s harvest, and await the return of longer growing days. In other words, we are to be cautious before spending too much of our means until the Sun is reborn in the lushness of Spring.


Yet the moldy-oldy, Babylonian magicians behind the scenes have pulled the ol’ switcheroo on us. At a time of the year when we should be conserving, we’re encouraged to max out our credit cards and spend every dollar we have. We’re to set out a month-long banquet, consume alcohol and muddle our minds, and use up every last crumb in the larder.


Today’s Christmas holiday induces a disjointed view of life by starting off the New Year exhausted and in debt. It encourages slavery to the system when this holiday has always been about the return of the Light and coming together as a community.


It’s a time to get snuggly with old friends and new friends, pause and reflect on the moment, and enjoy the peace and solitude of a winter walk. I especially encourage the snuggly part. Under a blankie would be even better.


It’s our choice in how we look at Capricorn’s Festival of Light, but frankly I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than getting cozy with others.


No credit card required with that one.


    ~ A Hush Falls over the Heart ~


Just as the Sun enters Capricorn, Venus goes retrograde until the end of January. Venus is also in Capricorn and has been taking a hard look at modern love, even upsetting a few apple carts along the way. After all, the Sacred Feminine needs a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t, too.


However, Venus is about to put Her feet up for awhile. A lot of relationships have just come to an end after a long, emotional year. Or, they crashed and burned after take off. Either way, it’s been a deluge of tears that began last Spring. This Venus retrograde will give us some time to put it all in perspective.


For starters, just look at how far we’ve come by going through the year’s emotional tidal wave. We may not have been as graceful as would have liked when the flood came—who is when confronting the ghosts of the past?—but we are now. Grace can come in many ways, and dealing with the harsh realities (and disruptions) of life is one of them.


It gives us a bit of maturity. A bit of style. We’ve been through it all, lately. Why not let it show in our walk and how we hold ourselves? Emotional growth isn’t something to be ashamed of, especially when it’s hard-won, and there’s no reason to hide it.


I would also expect to see a lot more independence this month. One of the issues that many of us have is a sense that we need others for validation, that without the approval of our peers, our own aim is amiss. As our Heart turns inward, it’s not a bad idea to give ourselves a pat on the back instead. We don’t always need permission to let our freak flag fly, and we still reach our mark regardless of whether the neighbors approve.


Finally, I would suggest that many of us begin to seriously visualize a world stage filled with powerful, compassionate women (and balanced, thoughtful men). That future is already here but it could use more reinforcement from the Light Brigade.


The spirit of Boudica lives on in every woman who wields power; and, like her, sometimes the magickal women on our lives will make a sacrifice in order to achieve a larger goal. It is important to be there if she tires and falls. To wipe the blood from her brow, take her in, and allow her to heal. It is an honor to do so. These women are leading our future, and that spirit—embodied in a man or woman—will transcend our planet.


Oh! One more thing. It’s very easy to get distracted during a Venus retrograde, so please take care while driving, doing magick, and/or operating heavy machinery.


~ If Not Now, When? ~  


The last week of December finds us with Saturn in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer. There is a big potential for learning a major life lesson here—if we can stay focused on our own stuff.


It’s also very interesting timing as many people will be at home for the holidays. There may be some difficulties with feeling crowded around others, but we can make real breakthroughs if we are open to the experience. It may be hard to balance those two things, though. I would be wary during the lead up to New Year’s Eve as Saturn and Jupiter working together can really blow our socks off.


Many people are anxious to get on with the New Age of Aquarius but so much seems to be holding us back. It’s causing quite a bit of frustration and in-fighting. It’s not uncommon these days to see groups of normally wholesome, authentic people flinging mud at each other. I’ve even seen it printed that “we haven’t ascended” because others are still clinging to the dark ages.


I would be careful of this kind of thinking as it fosters a smug, spiritual attitude. Intolerance and anger is hardly going to speed things up for those of us who are ready to move on.


And here comes an amped up Saturn to teach us all about letting go of negative, group-mind think. Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign of life, death, and rock n’ roll. It’s about free-wheeling transformation, taking life as it comes, and the one on one experience—not the group dynamic.


Whenever Saturn comes into our lives, I always ask myself who, what, why, where, and when. Saturn is a Teacher. (Big, BIG, capital T there.) The secret to passing His tests is in understanding the questions.


Though I can’t say what they are for everyone, or how to solve spiritual anxiety, I can help narrow things down. Let’s start with: why are we letting others define who we are, who are we competing with, and why are we basing our progress on the human notion of time? Is it a race to Ascension*?


Though comparing ourselves to others can help us keep it real, I hardly think it sensible to try and fit the Universe into our own personal view of spiritual maturity. If anything, it’s the other way around.


While everyone is working out the details of what life’s all about over the holidays, understand that growth is relative. We all come to universal consciousness in our own way. And there is no prize for getting there first.


    ~ Full Moon Afloat ~


I wanted to take a moment to explain the Witch’s Moon. This is how I read the lunar activity for the month (or, the moon-th) and without this key, it may be hard to decipher what I write about it.


For many stellar mages, the Full Moon is the key for the next 28 days. Even though I write each Guide for the current solar sign, the lunar cycle is usually an entirely different period within-without that time frame.


Some people read the New Moon, and there’s nothing wrong with that, however I was taught by old school Witches. Herbs, cauldrons, eye of newt, and all that. For us, the New Moon has an internalized meaning and is not to be talked about above a whisper. It’s like a vision quest name—we end up watering down its power by speaking the name aloud. (I’ve mentioned this before in my Reader Notes.)


Well, this month’s Full Moon is in Cancer at 11:52 pm EST on January 15th. The Moon rules Cancer and comes into its own in this sign. It shows us who we are to ourselves, each other, and the path it takes to get there. It inspires our heart to connect with all living things along the way, too.


This means for the entire moon-th, all the way till the Full Moon in the middle of February, there is a rather large potential for feelings of social love. That is, for those of us who are in balance and in touch with the lunar aspects of our brain; for those who only dwell in the left-side of their head, I doubt they’ll get anything beyond their paycheck, their iPads, and the reptilian rituals of life in the New World Order.


For those of us who have reconnected our left and right hemispheres (New Moon magick *hint, hint*), the next four weeks will be about the deep, psychic connection we have to the rest of the Cosmos. Our home, and our Mother.


As I mentioned in the Earth Guide for Cancer, there is a big secret being kept in this sign; it’s more obfuscation by the Illuminati who have tried to destroy the old ways. Now, let me fill in more of the puzzle.


Cancer is not just about our actual home, but our real home: the Universe. It suggests that there is no separation from our Great Mother.


This is why the true animal of Cancer is the Unicorn, not the Crab. The spiral horn in the middle of the forehead is symbolic of our constant reincarnation. It shows our longing to get back home again. The secret Cancer is hiding is the fundamental, feminine connection we have to All That Is, and that we are one with it—always were, and always will be. Though, it’s not much of a secret for any woman who has ever had a child. Mother is the word for God to all children. (Today’s Cancerian Crab has another mystery that is very close in meaning through its power to moult.)


Sadly, this astrological teaching conflicted with the spiritual patriarchy of the last few thousand years and it was removed. How dare anyone or anything suggest that the nature of God is actually female? As a result, the meaning of Cancer has been covered up and relegated to simple, domestic duty. Moms, kids, the house, and gossip. Check out The Moon card in the Tarot for a better look at the majesty of Cancer.


I’ll leave it up to everyone to suss out what The Great Spirit is for themselves, but I would ask that people keep in mind that we have been subjected to a perverse, narcissistic, male-oriented, solar cult for millennia. The conditioning to think of men as the default view of humanity has become ingrained.


It also leaves a gaping, spiritual hole in our lives: there is no umbilical cord back to a man’s womb. How are we supposed to get back home, or “Heaven”, when we no longer recognize it?


Not to mention the fact that it’s impossible to completely separate ourselves from God in the first place. We are just told that so the priesthood of this cult can gain money, power, and possessions from being heavenly insurance salesmen. All we’re really doing is standing in different spots at different times in the fabric of reality, and it’s impossible to get rid of the fabric. It will always be a part of us.


Finding our way back home is easy if we realize that we never really left it. All we need do is look down at where we are standing now. And smile. By the way, love those ruby slippers!


If anyone would like to know how I know these things, well, perhaps they should go back and read my Reader Notes for that Guide. I have spent many years in the Temple, and even more married to the Goddess.


In the meantime, enjoy the lunar boat ride over the next few weeks. It’s going to be very mystical, very dreamy, and very wet as we splash around in Cancer’s Great Sea of Life. By finding the connection we have to each other and the rest of our Family in the Stars, we find ourselves smiling back.


Moon in Cancer?





~ Sing To Me ~


My song for the month is “Shut Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol to remind us that Love comes from within and flows out from there. It is from our inner core that we find the link with the rest of the Universe.


We are the ones bringing hope and warmth to a world grown cold. We do it by bringing that inner connection to those who have lost their way, or those who have been lead down a blind alley. We are the Wayshowers, the Lightbringers, the Pathfinders, the Starseeds, and we will continue until our mission on Gaia is done.


I truly believe that global peace and unity conscious is within our grasp—if only we keep reaching for it. We’re almost there. We just need to keep sharing our Heart’s sacred fire with others and we’ll be fine.


Always remember: if we get stuck, we still have those fabulous, ruby slippers. *wink*


Merry Solstice, everyone!


Blessed Be,






~ A Personal Note for my Readers ~


* If you are interested in being on my private mailing list, send a request to or message me on Facebook at with your email address. Feel free to send along your sun-sign and a smiley, too. If you would like to be taken off the list, send a blank email with ‘Please Remove Me’ in the subject line. All new guides come out a few days before the sun moves into a new sign.


** I generally don’t mention “ascension” in these guides as this particular notion of spiritual maturity has been corrupted (by you know who). It has a very distinct meaning in magick circles that goes far, far back into the ancient, mystery schools. I simply don’t want to add to the confusion.


From my own studies, if I said ascension was just a quick stop at Mom’s for some hugs and homemade soup while on our way to see a show, would that make sense to anyone? Cause, in my opinion, that about sums it up.


It’s more about renewal than a destination. But, like I said, I’d rather not add to the disparity of what is normally a joyful reunion and leave it at that.


*** My apologies to anyone who may be offended by references to Christmas in this article. As a Witch, I can certainly understand that. Especially the religious aspects that have overtaken this ancient, Druidic, festival of light and rebirth.


If people understood what the “son of God” was really about, most religious folks would give up on the stories that have been passed on to them. But, it is not my job to strip away the veil. In fact, I have been warned not to do that as some eyes are not ready for the brilliance of the truth. When people are ready, when their eyes grow accustomed to the light, they will find their own way. Or, at least flag one of us down for help. It’s up to them, though; wisdom can’t be forced on anyone.


I’m also of the opinion that we should be free to express holiday words and slogans without fear of being bashed by the politically correct. I, for one, don’t want to live in a world where a person is ostracized for wishing another person Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, or Merry Christmas.


Do you?


So, Feliz Navidad, baby!