#11: Inner Earth Beings Guide To Ascension: Returning To Energetic Balance (2/2)

Aug 1, 2019

*Headphones Highly Recommended* Welcome to Ninety Degree Turns, where we expand the minds, beliefs, and perspectives of the collective and awaken the sleeping many from their slumber. Catch Up On Part 1: Today in this Part 2 finale with our guest, Cory Goode, we are diving deep into interesting new information surrounding the Higher Density Aspect of Relationships, The Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energetic Balance, learn what David Wilcock and Corey are up to now, and touch upon the A.I agenda. Enjoy! Inner Earth & Mandala Effect (42:00) Micca (46:07) 4th Density in the 3rd Dimension (47:10) Electromagnetic Field/EMF Is Directly Related To Consciousness (50:05) In Time Madness (50:45) Inner Earth Guidance For Humanity (52:45) Density Aspects of Relationships (54:45) Free Will, Destiny, Or Both? (58:28) Surviving The Dark Night Of the Soul (1:00:00) Gravity Is the Engine of Time (1:06:17) The Mission (1:12:33) What Are Corey Goode & David Wilcock Up To Now? (1:13:10) Power of Boycott (1:15:00) Coming Back To Energetic Balance (1:16:49) Nanobots/Aluminum/5G What Is It Good For? (1:25:00) Trans humanist AI Agenda (1:24:00) President Trump & Space Force (1:28:33) S O C I A L @ NinetyDegreeTurns Instagram: Facebook:… Learn More About Dimensions of Disclosure: Grab Your Ticket To Dimensions of Disclosure Before They Sell Out: Accepting Donations To Provide Higher Quality Video Content With Better Equipment: