At times I am amazed how asleep 99.9% of the world is. I am not talking ONLY about the Sheeple but EVERYONE who hasn’t been able to understand just HOW manipulated our markets are. Can you say 100%?! Every day. Every trade. Every up. Every down.

And this “fog of ignorance” doesn’t stop at those who don’t get it but covers MOST of those who do get it! I’m serious. If you understand that all markets are manipulated and yet you still jump up and down when the “market prices” make big moves YOU STILL DON’T GET IT!

I have laid out certain things on the Road to Roota that are not just fanciful dreams but REALITY as to what has happened in the past, how it currently happens and what is going to happen in the future. If you don’t hold the information analyzed at the Road to Roota as TRUE then you will never understand what is about to happen.
I am going to present a series of SPECIAL REPORTS over the next few days for Private Road Members to both prepare you and guide you through the “fog of monetary war” that we have entered as of last Friday.
The first can be found here:
SPECIAL REPORT: The Reality That Most Don’t Know
We have long past the “point of no return” and EVERYTHING I have discussed on the Road to Roota is manifesting. Yes…even the Ron Paul angle is manifesting which will become more apparent as the “smooth election process” gets thrown to the wind next week.
If you are not a member of the Private Road now would be a good time to join. $149 for a year of ringside seating in this epic battle is a bargain! You can sign up or renew here:
Things are about to change drastically and if you have followed the Road to Roota for long enough you know why.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir