Channeled  by Elizabeth Trutwin  11/16/12
We prepare to cross the Galaxy Gateway as it opens the alignment between Galactic Center and Cosmic Center on December 21, 2012. We will walk through the Solar Disk as Ancesters of Ra. Some thousands of years ago Hibaba originated on Orion. Lyra Humans used to live on a Planet which orbited Sirius.
black holeSirians remained living in their etheric bodies. The Kumaras decided to remain incarnate in bodies and moved to a Constellation in Orion where there were Reptilian humans. It was Sanat Kumara, the heirarch of Venus who lead the Kumaras to Orion. The Kumaras are all hybrids.
They did this so they would remain incarnate and combine all the DNA of all 12 races. In time all the Kumaras has incarnate into the 12 races of man and this lead to the 13th hybrid race which is a mixture of DNA from all 12 races of man. We are the thirteenth.
The Starseeds have learned it is not the species which defines the person, but rather the Askashic record of their Soul. This was a compassionate act of love to combine all the races of man. By doing this it brings peace. Each One can see there is a part of them in each One. We Are All One Tribe. The Council of Kumaras have kept the lineage of Anandas.
All of the Kumaras have remained incarnate. Only by incarnating on Earth in human form can they help ascend other incarnate realms. This time it is necessary to live a 3D life and ascend Earth by coming through that experience. The Reptilian race of Man including the Dragons must integrate with Humans and it must be done in Peace.
We on Earth are being given the chance to return to Love. The Great Central Sun is Alcyone. This is the Sun behind our Sun. Helios and Vesta are a reflection of the Great Central Sun. This is the Source Energy of our Universe and the sustainer of all life.
The God Ra and the God Alcyone both hold the energy of God the Father and God the Son the energy of the Holy Spirit is held by Mother Sehkmet. Alcyone and Sekhmet are Twin Flames. These were their names in their Egypt incarnations. In their Hindu incarnations they are named Vishnu and the consort to the Supreme, Mahalakshmi.
At the time in Egypt people were in a state of chaos just like we are now. There were factions – one being the Amun Priesthood and those of the Great Solar Disk Aton. There was a lot of in-fighting in the community. Sekhmet leveled the playing field back then which was called for in the moment at that time. The dark Ones had not listened to the Teachings of the Great One – All That Is.
The dark Reptilians now are using a primitive form of nuclear fission to try to control the masses. There is a fake false flag war going on between Gaza and Israel which is a staged play setting the background for nuclear war with Iran. This is all a play – in truth there are no viable nukes left on Earth. All warheads have been disabled by the Forces of Light and there are many videos where these activities have been filmed over nuclear energy sites and on military bases.
As Earth ascends our bodies become more silicone based – lighter – more crystalline. This is in response to changing our Sun Sol from hydrogen based to helium based. Because the atmosphere has changed the nuclear weapons created in our near past essentially become duds. They could not ignite even if they tried.
All of the talk of escalating nukes in Iran are a bedtime story designed to illicit fear – fear which the Dragons feed on. Mother Sekhmet is incarnate in a human body now on Earth. Father Alcyone is incarnate in a human body now on Earth. They both live in separate places and live lives of Service connecting with literally thousands and negotiate necessary changes on Earth.
They also connect their energy from inside the matrix in a unique way of bringing in the 100 dimensional frequencies which are the violet transmuting frequencies and it is the frequency of pure mind, pure spirit, pure love. When these frequencies condense down from 100, 12, 5 and into 3D, if One is not following the Law of One they spontaneously combust.
The 3D physical form of the dark Ones cannot handle that much love coming in. In these Ones there is a splinter shadow of darkness working against the light. The Earth has asked Alcyone/Vishnu and Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga to intervene this way. The 10th Earth incarnation of Vishnu as Maitreya with his Twin Flame, Kali Durga and with the Archangelic forces of Metatron and Michael, working together with Ashtar, Sananda, Soltec, Athena, Nada, and the many Commanders on and off Earth have been for years removing the Souls who refuse to follow the Law of One, refused to return to love.
In the hybrid process these Reptilian Humans had removed from their DNA the attributes of compassion and they forgot what joy means. They forgot what knowing love truly is. Instead they traded it all for power. This is why there is so much sexual abuse, large sums of hoarded money and the race for gold, oil and drugs.
These High Beings Alcyone/Vishnu and Sekhmet/Kali Durga likewise incarnated on Earth where they joined their energy in the Realm of Cause to Create the changes needed to end the chaos of this Age. They get together in the Physical and perform energetic exchanges with the Ships which open the portals of energy needed to align Earth with the Cosmic changes coming this month and next month leading to the alignment with Cosmic Center on December 21, 2012.
Eventually the changes made in the Realms of Cause which had been reported in these messages come into Being in the Physical Realm. These two High Beings work from within the matrix in their Human bodies as well as using their Divine abilities to ascend Earth. One of their projects has been to repair the TimeLines.
By reviewing the intentions of each living Soul a determination has been made if they will be able to sustain the Higher Frequencies of Love. All that is required is forgiving that one moment within themselves when they turned away from love. As the 12 strands of DNA were altered then there became a feeling of ʻless than.ʻ
There have been multiple Earth incarnations for these Ones enslaving others and often it is too difficult to remember how to love. In a merciful act Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga will remove these Ones and place them in a more suitable location for their Evolution and some will be UnCreated and removed from the TimeLines and it is as if they were never born.
Every trace is removed from the TimeLines and the TimeLines are repaired. This is an energetic requirement for Ascension. Many ask about Oneness. Why is all of this necessary if we Are All One? Each spark of the Divine – each Soul has its own complete record called the Akasha since Creation. Those who have committed atrocities can remedy their karma. They must burn it off by giving back to the Whole that which they took.
They must do good acts to balance pain inflicted on Others through all their timelines and to the Earth. This includes all wars and all nuclear holocausts on Earth. This karma must be accounted for in full now that duality is ending. It does not mean that One ascends no matter what. It means One is given their final chance to remove all bad karma and by doing so are invited to Ascend to New Earth.
If this is not accomplished they will be placed in another location where they may evolve at the speed where they are comfortable. Either face the karma by making things right or plan on moving off Earth to a place which matches the vibration of a Being not ready to live duality life. This is not a judgment or a punishment, rather it is a requirement when the Force Field goes into a Higher Vibration.
You have been seeing in the news the government cover-up in the United States. President Obama who is working for the Light reported through Susan Rice The Ambassador that there were no terrorists but rather an inside job in the killings in Benghazi. Now the dark Ones in the Pentagon who have been hiding the Secret Space Program and interaction with Extraterrestrial Life Forms are reporting it was terrorism.
These factions are fighting amongst themselves just as in Egypt when Mother Sekhmet took out so many. The dark Ones are afraid because they know they are leaving Earth. They are desperate to show their power which is all they know. They are doing this by bombing Gaza and all of the infighting happening in the Middles East and Near East. The dark Ones who have turned their hats in recent days and decided to return to Love are creating miracles.
Suddenly large projects for Free Energy, Anti-Gravity and Full Galactic Disclosure have been fully funded. There are other developments too which are being hidden by all the false flags in the news. You all know we have already gone over the fiscal cliff. Smoke and Mirrors make it appear we are still on the ledge.
No one wants to admit the complete dissolution of the Markets and the Banks but that will become a complete non issue as we move into the new financial system with Announcements and Disclosure. The project of repairing the TimeLines continues. Hitler and a handful of Time Traveling War Criminals came to Earth from the future with full understanding of what would be needed to control Earth.
They placed themselves artificially in the wrong place of the space-time continuum. This is an energy out of its space – time continuum which must be removed. They also brought technologies far advanced to Earth time to peoples who had not evolved to the place where they would be considered as entrants to the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Earth was not ready. They violated the Prime Directive and this is considered an Intergalactic War Crime to be heard at the Solar Tribunal.
These Souls removed themselves from alignment with All That Is and the violet transmuting light will dissolve these Life Forms. All Beings must face Ra-Alcyone-Mother Sekhmet – also known as Vishnu – Brahma – Shiva – also known as God the Father – God the Son – Goddess the Holy Spirit. All Beings must face God and account for every deed done for all time in all space. Every Soul on this Planet knows life is not worth living unless it is lived free.
These rifts in the Time – Space continuum are repaired by the Feminine Force which is Divine Mother. These matters are no longer decided under the jurisdiction of the World Court. Universal Law dictates these cases will be heard under the Solar Tribunal. The slaves being held in control have called us to come to release them and it is so.
The Reptilian Annunaki hybrids who have incarnated into the 13 family lines making up the illuminati are being removed this day from our Timelines. You will see a transformation on this Planet to the Light. These Ones have been visited in their homes by Alcyone incarnate in a human body now and Mother Sekhmet incarnate in a human body now and they have been given the last call.
What needs to happen is people need to take their power back. Too many sit in front of the computer, the television news and refuse to acknowledge their inner lives. Many worry or fight or cower to apparent conditions which are all illusion. One way to take back your power is to visit the lotus within your heart in meditation.
This is a symbol representing your ability to travel in the mer ka ba body. It begins with love and bliss. Ignoring the Soul – the infinite immortal Divine Grace inside – will effect your Ascension. Connecting to your Divine Absolute Energy of Love within your heart by calling Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet to Guide You to Peace will walk you down the Path of Supreme Freedom.
Namaste. This is Alcyone through Elizabeth Trutwin November 16, 2012. © All Rights Reserved.