– QHHT is an acronym for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy which is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon that reaches the deepest past of the brain while under hypnosis.During this session, the subject talks about the upcoming shift and the New Earth..

To my readers: As each QHHT session I am honored to facilitate, there are always pearls of wisdom to share. With the generosity of my client’s agreement in sharing with you and some time to transcribe these sessions I bring you the two following partial sessions.

The first is from a client I sat with this past weekend, Marsha H. We had reached the part of her Subconscious (SC) coming through and were finishing up on a question on her list when all I can call is a “Cosmic News Flash” came through! It boggled my mind; the implications of what was revealed. Once she was done sharing about the possible closing of “The Earth School” she went on to talk about the time between the 12th & 21st. I still was processing what she had said about the Earth school and returned to ask more.

Although I am kicking myself for not asking if this ‘status change’ was also referred to as the jump from 3rd dimension, it truly felt as if this was something different. The fact that she says things are still in discussion, also lead me to believe or feel that this was truly a new development. All possibilities are open, I am sure!

The second was a session with my client, SRS. She had very insightful and interesting questions to ask her SC. Two, in particular, dealt with something I had not heard of before; The Realm of Love & Light Only and The Enlightened Beings of Love & Light Only. I was very anxious to hear what her SC had to say on these topics. For me, it expanded my awareness. I hope you enjoy

A Cosmic News Flash

This Client had wondered about if she had let go of anger/upset towards 2 people she had had difficulties with. The SC said so eloquently, yes that all had moved on and all had their own karma and for her to just let go! She then says this:

(SC) God bless human beings!!


(S) It’s tough being human! (lots of giggles)


(SC) OH! We know it is! In this dimension, (not 3rd dimension) there has been discussion, it has been discussed about not having the Earth as a school. It is agreed~too hard~ way too hard!


(S) Ok, you have my curiosity peaked now. So there is discussion about not having Earth as a school because of the difficulties??


(SC) Yes, yes. It (the suffering) is not necessary.


(S) Wow! What are the alternatives?


(SC) Alternative dimensions that already exist. Earth has just been deemed, especially after the last few lifetimes, not necessary for growth.


(S) So would Earth cease to exist?


(SC) It would exist in another form.


(S) Wow! That is like a news flash!


(SC) ~giggles~ Oh yes, stay current!



The 12th – the 21st


(S) From your perspective, what is it that we have coming up from the 12th-21st?


(SC) It will, through February, March probably be…how do I say this? Intensely felt by those that have been preparing. And there may be some darkness and again, through their awareness, some people will feel this more than others. It will continue. Human choice; how they prepare, how they want to prepare, how they live their life, how they want to connect their hearts to Mother Earth. It is a unity, It is a Oneness.. It will be different for each person. And how to prepare? I suggest to be with the ones you love. There will be moments of bliss There will be pain. There will be pain for others, it is a cycle. It is the Golden Age! We just haven’t experienced it. It will be individual and on a group consciousness. 


(S) So on your level, what does it fell like? What do you all talk about in regard to this change?


(SC) It is all in perfection but again on an earthly dimension, it won’t all be felt like that. We are with everyone and we continuously send love, especially at this time. It is the receiving of it. Even in the higher realms, the pain & discomfort are felt. As much as we can ease it, as much as people will allow us to ease it, we can do that! We’re encircling your planet. We are ON your planet! We are in your lives. It’s again in your words, just being mindful & attentive and as we have spoken so many times STAY IN YOUR HEART! It will be ok, it always has been, always will be.



News Flash Part 2


(S) Ok, so back to that news flash, please. Can you expand on that? WHO is discussing this change?


(SC) The Council of Elders. They have, They have, I guess re-figured that it is not necessary for growth and self-discovery and union with the Creator to suffer as much as Earth has suffered for millennia. There have been no decisions made but there are many, many other dimensions where there is more love and more harmony and people still ascend, grow & shift. It just is not necessary, the suffering. That is all I can say. It has been discussed.


(S) ~Trying to get a little more info~ Is the Council of Elders on as high of a plane as God or are they on a different one?


(SC) No, same plane.


(S) This is so fascinating! So there are different dimensions and different ways we could learn our lessons without so much struggle? Is that what you are saying?


(SC) Yes, YES!


(S) So we truly may be at the end of this age?


(SC) Truly. But again, experienced by individuals as their soul contracted. Their hearts have opened!



The Realm of Love & Light Only


(S) She would like to know about the Realm of Love & Light Only. Is it a vibrational dimension? Is it the most highest dimension?


(SC) Love & Light Only is the highest vibration. It is from where life springs. We come into this life to be. We ARE light. We come into this life to love. To love ourselves, to experience what love is. We come from Love & Light and we choose to come in to a physical body to experience the senses; and how that is expressed with love. And so the Enlightened Beings of Love & Light Only are those beings who choose to be and exist and to express fully, 100% what love & light is at its highest vibration. There have been many who have lived in physical bodies who are Enlightened Beings in Love & Light Only. Like Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Quan Yin, and countless others from all cultures and all times. There have been those some written about and some not. They have also come from other planets and other universes. 


(S) Are there some walking the planet now?


(SC) Yes.


(S) Can you name any?


(SC) I am looking, I don’t know if it is meant to be known. I am looking. I could mention one that is moving into this space. It is Ram Dass. He seems to be moving into it right now. I am sorry, I do not have other names.


(S) That’s ok. It’s not necessary, I was just curious. So, you have possibly answered her next question of who exactly are the Beings of Love & Light Only. Any thing else you care to add to that?


(SC) Well, she keeps saying she only wants to work with Beings from Love & Light Only. She says this all the time! In her work and how she teaches, she says it all the time. (giggles) But she doesn’t have any understanding, she has just trusted. And that is the gift that she has. That she knows when to trust.


(S) When she is asking to work with the Enlightened Beings of Love & Light Only, she is trusting that will come? Is there a clearer understanding that you want her to have?


(SC) Well, when she asks for that, she does not want to work with anything, any one or any being that does not come form Love & Light Only. Because she has had experience and she has moved into fear when it doesn’t feel to her that she has tapped guidance that was not from Love & Light Only. That was scary for her and so she moved into this ‘phrase’ that felt right, without understanding what “It” is.


(S) So tell her what “It” is.


(SC) It is the beings who are there to support her and anyone who asks from the highest vibration, working with Divine wisdom and absolute truth, 100% at all times for the highest good of All.


(S) So is it appropriate for her to allow or to work with other beings that may not be from Love & Light?

(SC) Well… It depends on what kind of a ride she wants. I know that she is hoping that her guides are from Love & Light Only, well she is afraid that they are not. So I guess she wants to know & have confirmation. Yes.


(S) So she needs to have no fear over this.


(SC) Yes, that is true.


(S) But are there other realms that are very beneficial & true that…. Is she dividing into this is the only realm that is good to work with and the rest are not good? I’m trying to understand her question.


(SC) Yes there are.


(S) So is it her journey to work only with these Beings of Love & Light only or could she explore working with other realms that are truly good & beneficial?


(SC) I would say that until she can be totally confident that her guidance, that she trusts and allows her guidance to be fully… until she can reach a point of being totally trusting of her guidance, she will probably need to stick with what feels right to her.


(S) Thank you that makes sense. Thank you.



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and Here’s More:



(Suzanne) Renee would like to know what you can share with us about the shift.(Subconscious) Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a big one! She is ready, she doesn’t know but she’s ready.

(Suzanne) Can you tell us about the transition? (SC) It will be a gradual transition, it won’t happen in a split second. But relatively it will be a short time.

(Suzanne) Can you give us a linear time frame? (SC) It will happen over a year or two. When you look over the history of the world, that’s a very short period.

(Suzanne) What changes should we be aware of? As you are shifting your frequency, you are going to be aware that things are different, things are happening. 

(Suzanne)  Can you describe how we will feel that? (SC) How you live your life, it’s love, being surrounded by love, it’s an indicator, when you can feel that. You are raising your frequency when you feel love. It will happen in pockets around the world. Some people are ready others are not. The ones that are struggling are not ready to shift.

(Suzanne) So, in that shift will the governments be aware of what is going on and come forward with information? How will the general public understand what is taking place? (SC) The governments do not understand it, they are not shifting. It will be through people like you and others.

(Suzanne) Light workers? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Will the changes effect the weather pattern? (SC) They already are.

(Suzanne) Is there anything that we need to do to prepare for that? (SC) Just be prepared, be able to take care of you & your family and those around you. Provide food, shelter. There will be people who are very confused. You may need to be able to protect yourselves from them. I don’t believe in violence but you may find the need to defend yourselves.

(Suzanne) So we may find the need to protect ourselves from those who are not ready to shift? (SC) Yes, there will be those who are ready to shift and those who are not.


(Suzanne) And they say the Earth will split from the ‘old’ Earth to the ‘new’ Earth. Is that how you perceive it? (SC) Yes, those who have transitioned and shifted and those who have not.

(Suzanne) And what will life be like for those who choose not to shift? (SC)It will not be good. There reality will be one of wars, hunger, violence. 

(Suzanne) And what will their perception be of those who have transitioned? (SC) They will not understand it.

(Suzanne) And for those who do shift, what will that experience be like? (SC) It will be peaceful and loving, everyone helping each other. When you lose the whole ego, you then use the most important piece -of 3-D.

(Suzanne) After the shift, without the ego, will we be of a group mind? (SC) Yes, we will all be connected of the greater consciousness.

(Suzanne) We’ll be ‘ consciously connected?’ (SC) Yes (giggles).

(Suzanne) We’ll be consciously connected to what we’re subconsciously connected to now?! (SC) YES! Consciously connected to the Greater Consciousness, phew!


(Suzanne) Is there anything that we forgot to ask, that you would like to share with us?(SC) Just continue on your journey. You are all making incredible progress. It’s exciting to see!

(Suzanne) It’s always such a joy to have a conversation with the SC, thank you for all you have to give us. So is Renee here, walking the Earth right now to experience the shift?(SC) Yes, she is. Everyone who is walking the Earth is here for that purpose.

(Suzanne) And for those who are not awake, why are they here at this time? What is their purpose? (SC) It’s all the matter of self determination, the matter of being able to choose. Some have learned their lessons and are moving forward and some are stuck, can’t get past it, can’t make the shift.

(Suzanne) So is the role of light workers… (SC) All you can do is to present the information. the decision to accept the information and to act on it is the individuals.

(Suzanne) Is it also truth that those who are awake are holding energy for the planet to assist in making this transition? (SC) Yes, not only do you hold the energy but you hold the key to help others to release the energy as well. 

(Suzanne) And the care of the body? (SC) Supply the body with good food and clean water. The hormones and chemicals hold you back.

(Suzanne) Is that done intentionally? (SC) Not intentionally by the farmers the suppliers. But when the knowledge is shared that by putting hormones in your cattle so they grow bigger, say, that information is given by the… mischief makers.


(Suzanne) So let’s talk about them. Are there people in control of the world right now that don’t have the highest intentions? (SC) Yes, I would say they have been here, they have had a great impact. I would NOT say they are in control now. I think the work by the light workers & the extra terrestrials- for lack of a better term, is helping. The mischief makers have been here but they are fading and shifting and they definitely been here.

(Suzanne) So in the shift will we need the physical body? (SC) You won’t need the physical body in the way you do now. That’s part of the reason you come to Earth, to experience the physical body and all the sensations. But you don’t need it.

(Suzanne) Is that kind of like when we are dreaming? (SC) Yes, you let go of the body and go where you need to, still experience what you need to but not from the physical perspective.

(Suzanne) Will the outcome of the US elections really matter? (SC) No, the transition of the shift is still going to happen in the next few years, it really doesn’t matter. No politicians in the New Earth, no political ads!

(Suzanne) Hooray!! 


(Suzanne) Tell me about our Creator. (SC) We have all existed for all time. Are you thinking about the Creator of the Earth or the Creator of the Greater Consciousness or…

(Suzanne) Well, I bit off more than I knew there! Let’s talk about the Creator of the Earth. (SC) Well, just as you say that, we want to go the other route.

(Suzanne) giggles, Ok! You have the floor! (SC) The Creator Consciousness has always existed and always will. we have, over time, in Earth terms, sometimes have gotten very board. We want to experience different things and learn. We want to learn different things from different perspectives. So the Creator Consciousness caused the Earth to form. Then at different times, we choose to come to Earth. We choose who we’re going to be with on Earth, as in our parents and families. We know that before we come to Earth. So based on whatever experiences we want to teach or learn, we come to a particular situation or family. We come here to learn what we choose. We forget where we come from because to learn from experience is much different than being aware of it. That would impact our learning. So that is all erased when we are born on Earth. 

(Suzanne) So tell me about the Creator of the Earth. (SC) We’re ALL Creators of the Earth! It all comes from the Greater Consciousness, of which we’re all apart.


(Suzanne) I would like to understand more about parallel lives. What can you share with me? (SC) So on Earth, we think of time being linear. When you think of parallel lives, think of taking a knife and chopping up that linear line and putting those pieces beside each other.  You have multiple lives going on at the same time, in different locations. But you’re not aware of them because it would be too confusing for you! -giggles.

(Suzanne) You have to speak simply here, it’s just me!   So then, in a parallel life that I am having, it’s felt just as ‘real’ as I’m feeling this life? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) And the purpose of having parallel lives is to experience more at once? (SC) Yes, more lessons, more learning. You remember them all when you leave the body and go back to the spiritual life, then you can bring those all together.

(Suzanne) I got it!  So, is there a reason to get to a point of being able to remember each of our parallel lives and does everybody have them? (SC) Everyone can have them, it’s really up to us. You can choose to have one, you can choose to have many. Some want to have one at a time, some want to learn quickly so they have parallel lives. (Talk about multi-tasking!!)

(Suzanne) How would we know we are having a parallel life?(SC) I don’t think that you would. We would block it so you are concentrating on one at a time. These lives that we have been regressing through today do not have to happen linearly, they can happen parallel as well. 

(Suzanne) My late father had a theory that ‘time’ happened backwards, so this just adds to the possibilities…of my confusion! (giggles) 


(Suzanne) So tell me about the space we occupy when we leave the body, end the life.(SC) You go back to a place, if the end of the life has been traumatic, you go back to a place of orientation, into that space. It takes a while to get back to a straight, spiritual being. It’s a very pleasant place. There is no fighting, no war. It is very peaceful.

(Suzanne) And can we still check in on our loved ones that are still here? (SC) Yes you can. But you find your priorities shift. your focus isn’t so much on the ones you left behind than on the work at hand. It’s just the way it works.

(Suzanne) And from you perspective, does everybody leave the body, no matter the circumstance, when they choose to leave? (SC) It somewhat depends on the development of the person, if they leave their body easily, some bodies fight it all the way, which makes the transition for them much tougher.

(Suzanne) So when people are getting ready to pass and they ‘see’ angels and the what not, what is happening? (SC) When they are getting ready to transition, aids or guides are sent to help them with the transition. From the time they leave their body, they may not recognize the aids, they may doubt what they are seeing, but there is always someone there to help them.  To help them leave the physical body, arrive in the spiritual world and to help the re-orientation. It’s almost like being sick in the physical world, you need someone to nurse you back to the spiritual life.

(Suzanne) Gosh, you are answering everything so well and I don’t want to let you go yet! (giggles) I’m trying to think of another question. So as we come from Creator Consciousness and your desire is to experience everything,  so it is truthful that we can be an animal, we can be a blade of grass, we can be a rock, we can be a human. (SC) Yes.


(Suzanne) On the topic of Egypt, those beginnings came from ET’s? (SC) The pyramids? Yes. There was a lot of knowledge brought to the Earth from the ET’s, that over time man has lost.

(Suzanne) Will we find it someday? (SC) You are finding some of it now. They were not able to handle it when they got it.

(Suzanne) So is that like Atlantis? (SC) Yes. Another example of not being able to handle what they had. 

(Suzanne) Are we in a similar situation right now? (SC) Yes, we are moving ‘through’ that, hopefully this time. We are able to be a little more responsible with it.


(Suzanne) One last question; how are we able to experience multiple dimensions? (SC) Tell me your definition of multiple dimensions.

(Suzanne) The common knowledge is that when we are in a human body, we are experiencing 3-D. (SC) Right.

(Suzanne) So we’re dealing with the ego and duality. As we transform through this shift, we’ll be raising our vibration, our frequency to come through the 4th & 5th dimension and higher? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) And when we’re in our dream state, are we traveling into those higher dimensions? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Can we go lower? (SC) yes, I don’t know why you would but you can. giggles.

(Suzanne) So when we mediate, we are experiencing a higher dimension? (SC) Yes, much higher!

(Suzanne) So this type of work, QHHT, or TAUK assists others to reach these levels and open them up? Is there anything else we should know about this? (SC) It’s just getting the word out there to use it as a means to raise other peoples frequency. Many people want to raise their frequency but don’t know how. 

(Suzanne) So on a basic level,  when people just feel good, they are raising their frequency? (SC) Yes, just feeling, good, feeling love is all one needs to raise it.

(Suzanne) Thank you!


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