MONTHLY    HOROSCOPES   by Beverley 



First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, & I hope you enjoy reading this months horoscopes.  Just a few planetary changes this month, but a few challenges & changes in the year ahead I think.  The Sun is now settled in conscientious, compliant, responsible, Capricorn, with some worries at times.  On 11th January it moves into charismatic, humane, individualistic, unconventional Aquarius, so expect the unexpected.  The Moon starts the New Year in dramatic, extrovert, flamboyant Leo.  The Last Quarter Moon is on 4th January in receptive, inquisitive, analytical Virgo, with potential changes sought.  The New Moon is on 11th January in aloof, pessimistic, responsible & realistic Capricorn, with new projects begun.  The First Quarter Moon is on 18th January in active, excitable, impulsive Aries, helping us focus on what’s important.  The Full Moon is on 26th January in changeable, emotional, sensitive Cancer, making us more open to suggestions by others.  Mercury begins the month in practical, rational Capricorn, giving a logical approach to situations & people.  On 20th January it moves into friendly, inventive, humanitarian Aquarius, giving a fresh outlook.  Venus starts the year in charismatic, emotionally free, sociable Sagittarius.  On 10th January it moves into loyal, loving but shrewd Capricorn, with some problems expressing emotions at times.  Mars is now settled in impulsive, distinctive, unconventional Aquarius, causing erratic energy levels or nervous tension for some people.  The Generation planets Jupiter to Pluto remain where they are, with their overall influence as outlined, but the effects can alter depending on the circumstances, and person concerned. Jupiter remains traveling Retrograde, in broad-minded, fun-loving Gemini until June next year, but this can help us take a brighter outlook, or turn negative situations into positive ones, if we act appropriately.  Saturn is now settled in enduring, purposeful, resourceful, & strong-willed Scorpio, remaining there until the end of 2013.  Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, for the next few years, and brings out our individualistic, rebellious side, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently Uranus is currently travelling Retrograde enabling us to use our inner, creative thoughts positively.  Neptune is settled in sensitive, intuitive Pisces, & can help us develop empathy, compassion, & understanding, with a need to remain realistic.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, & so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically.  Further, much more indepth details are shown for the Generation Planets in the 2013 HOROSCOPES – GENERATION PLANETS INFLUENCES.  Main planetary aspects this month are:-  Sun conjunct Mercury all month – Creative approach with good self expression.  Sun conjunct Pluto up to 10th January – Possible extremes in actions and preferences.  Sun sextile Saturn to 11thJanuary – Deeper understanding and awareness of limitations.  Sun square Uranus to 5th January – Compulsiveness with a need for personal freedom.  Sun inconjunct Jupiter to 8th January – Probable over reactions to criticism.  Sun sextile Uranus 20-31st January –  A broadminded approach with freedom of expression.  Sun square Saturn 20-31st January – Some defensiveness may emerge at times.  Sun trine Jupiter20-31st January – Confidence coupled with creativity and integrity.  Moon trine Venus 1st January – Harmonious relations with other people.  Moon square Venus 4th and 18th January – Strong feelings may be kept private.  Moon conjunct Mercury and Pluto 11thJanuary – Sympathy and understanding in communications.  Intense relationships at times.  Moon sextile Neptune 11th January – Tune in to personal intuitive ideas.  Moon square Uranus 11th January – Boredom causes erratic behaviour.  Moon sextile Mars 18th January – Appropriate responses to people and situations.  Moon opposite Venus 26th January – Possible conflict or over sensitivity.  Mercury conjunct Pluto to 11th January – Some tendencies to extremes and suspicion.  Mercury sextile Saturn to 12th January – A well informed, disciplined approach is helpful.  Mercury sextile Neptune to 6thJanuary – Thoughtfulness with intuitive insight.  Mercury square Uranus to 8th January – Fast perceptions of people and situations.  Mercury inconjunct Jupiter to 10th January – Other people may be granted greater priority than personal needs.  Mercury sextile Uranus 20-27th January – Logical reasoning, coupled with curiosity.  Mercury square Saturn 22-29th January – Discipline and mental restraint with maybe some worries.  Mercury trine Jupiter 20-28thJanuary – Thinking in general terms enables progress.  Venus conjunct Pluto 10-21st January – Emotional intensity arouses deep responses in people.  Venus sextile Neptune10-17th January – Compassion with willingness to help others.  Venus square Uranus10-20th A need to follow personal wishes unrestricted.  January –Venus inconjunct Jupiter 10-20th January – Possible overreactions to peoples expectations.  Mars sextile Uranus 1-11th January – Originality and resourcefulness in personal actions.   Mars square Saturn 1-19th January – Defensiveness or self pity can hamper relationships.  Jupiter sextile Uranus all month – A more liberal attitude, with humanitarian goals being more important.  Jupiter square Neptune all month – Exaggeration and confusion, give a need for a balance.  Jupiter inconjunct Saturn and Pluto all month – Overwhelming responsibilities can feel very limiting.  Significant adjustments are necessary over the next few months.  Saturn sextile Pluto all month – Inevitable changes trigger personal growth.  Saturn trine Neptune to 7th January – Practical organizational skills with idealism.  Saturn inconjunct Uranus all month – Problems may arise in establishing priorities.  Uranus square Pluto all month – A need for personal space in interactions with others.

Neptune and Pluto remain sextile long term – A need for positive reactions to changes in society.



ARIES     21 March – 20 April

You’re focusing on professional goals, how you can progress and the next steps now.  From 20th January you have more time to see friends and socialise.  You’re philosophical and enjoy travel if you get the chance.  From 10th January you enjoy fulfilling career related responsibilities.  You may spend time with competitive friends, and need open, honest communication with those around you, but can be obsessive. You’re full of energy, very imaginative but focused too.


TAURUS    21 April – 21 May

You’re not short of opinions and enjoy learning and generally expanding your horizons.  From 20th January you focus on your career, and work extremely hard.  You feel emotional, intuitive and intense.  From 10th January you might enjoy a short break.  You’re ambitious but seek immediate progress, you focus on finances and security, needing deep loyalty from a partner.  Your subconscious mind is sharp, you see friends unrealistically, but can be compulsive.


GEMINI    22 May – 21 June

You’re deeply intuitive, needing a good love life, and open communication with a partner.  From 20th January you expand your boundaries, and are quite knowledgeable.  You dislike being alone now.  From 10th January you identify with others problems.  You need excitement and are adventurous and very outgoing, inspiring other people, but may feel stuck in a routine.  You might make some new friendships, want to progress professionally, and can be compulsive.


CANCER    22 June – 23 July

You’re feeling very close to a partner, with a strong bond, you talk any issues through.  From 20th January you’re more emotionally intense needing deeper understanding.  You might battle with your weight.  From 10th January you need to closely identify with a spouse.  You focus on joint financial or emotional issues, and need personal space too, for personal interests.  You might express leadership skills in a career, feel enlightened and cultured, and try to control a partner.


LEO     24 July  –  23 August

You’re very disciplined, busy focusing on your work, but look after your health too.  From 20th January you enjoy time spent with a partner, sharing good understanding.  You’re quite creative and romantic.  From 10th January needing a regular work routine.  You might quarrel with a partner over petty things, but enjoy mixing with friends, home life may feel a bit limiting.  You seek mental stimulation, can be extremely intuitive and are very well organized in your work.


VIRGO     24 August  –  23 September 

You’re creative, focused and communicate very positively with other people.  From 20th January you do have to focus more on work and health matters.  You enjoy time spent with your family.  From 10thJanuary you enjoy some attention yourself, and having fun.  You work hard and expect colleagues to do so, as success and progress matter greatly, you’re observant but private.  You might suddenly gain money, need honest communication with a partner and are very emotional.


LIBRA    24 September  –  23 October

You’re very busy with family life, at home a lot, but remain positive about it.  From 20th January you might enjoy more leisure time, or personal hobbies.  You quite enjoy socialising locally.  From 10thJanuary you share a strong bond with loved ones.  You’re creative, passionate and proud, needing instant responses, you’re positive and optimistic but may limited financially.  You need personal space in a partnership, might have ongoing health issues, and can be tenacious.


SCORPIO    24 October  –  22 November

You’re busy catching up on emails, phone calls and letters, and quite enjoy it.  From 20th January family life is a strong focus, perhaps with changes in décor planned.  You enjoy acquiring a few luxuries.  From 10th January you really enjoy seeing close friends.  You may plan some d.i.y. projects at home, deal positively with business or financial matters, but lack confidence at times.  You’re innovative but can’t easily relax, are imaginative, and extremely inquisitive but private.



SAGITTARIUS     23 November  –  21 December

You’re busy sorting out financial matters, and deal with these very astutely.  From 20th January you may have a lot of correspondence to sort out.  You charisma comes across well to others.  From 10thJanuary emotional and financial security matter more.  You’re outspoken, maybe tactless at times, but have a strong bond with your partner, even if you’re despondent at times.  You have great creative potential, may find home life chaotic, and are astute in business matters.


CAPRICORN     22 December – 20 January

You’re focused on personal goals, taking a direct approach wins you respect.  From 20th January you have to sort out your finances.  You enjoy working alone, as you can’t easily express your feelings. From 10th January your charm comes across well.  You deal astutely with money and can get some good deals, offer colleagues a lot of support, and meet up with loyal friends.  You need freedom but safety at home, can find it hard to concentrate, and seem intense and enigmatic.



AQUARIUS     21 January  –  19 February

You’re looking inwardly in some respects, and need time alone to follow your instincts.  From 20th January you really come into your own, making a positive impact.  You enjoy being part of a group of friends.  From 10th January you can’t easily express your feelings.  You’re direct, impulsive and enthusiastic, great company and fun to be with, but very hard working too.  You may have some unusual ideas, have to watch your bank balance, and are rather introspective.


PISCES     20 February –  20 March

You’re busy getting out, meeting friends, and seem to have a full social life.  From 20th January you enjoy having time alone to think things over.  You carry many professional responsibilities.  From 10thJanuary seeing close friends brings pleasure.  You’re compassionate but private, really enjoy spending time with your family, want to improve your mind but are wary of challenges.  You might be unpredictable with money, can be susceptible, and have intense friendships.



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