By David Ash

David Ash is author of ‘The Tower of Truth’, Camspress, 1977, and

co-author, with Peter Hewitt, of ‘Science of the Gods’, Gateway, 1990



whoa!Perhaps the most detailed and authoritative account of UFO activity is presented by Timothy Good in his book, ‘Above Top Secret: The World Wide UFO Cover-up’. Another, valuable source of information on this controversial subject is Milton William Cooper.

According to Cooper, between January 1947 and December 1952, 13 extraterrestrial craft were reported to have crashed in the USA, from which 65 dead and 1 live alien body were recovered.

The American Government decided to keep the escalating extraterrestrial phenomenon a closely guarded secret and did everything in its power to discredit UFO reports and circulate disinformation to the public. Under the authority of President Truman, this policy was maintained by the Air Force and CIA.

In 1953, Eisenhower became President. During that first year of office at least 10 more alien crashed craft were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens and hundreds of UFO sightings were reported.

Then, dramatically, in 1953 astronomers reported the sighting of THREE LARGE OBJECTS MOVING TOWARD THE EARTH, which took up a very high orbit around the equator.

These turned out to be THREE HUGE SPACE SHIPS.

At this time, a group of human extraterrestrials made contact with the American Government. Subsequently identified as the representatives of a super-physical, extraterrestrial group who choose to be known to us as the Ashtar Command, they warned the Americans against contact with the ships orbiting the equator.

They offered protection against the alien threat and help with our spiritual development. They warned against any further development of atomic energy and made no offer of technology, citing that we were spiritually unable to handle that which we already possessed.

— World-Action:  I think you will find that the present New Age-type ‘Ashtar Command’ groups, on the Internet, have absolutely nothing to do with whoever the benevolent ‘visitors’ were who, within fair probability, DID offer assistance early on in the sell-out. —

They believed we would use any new technology to destroy ourselves. Because we were on a path of self-destruction, what we needed was spiritual rather than technological help. This they offered if America and her allies were willing to destroy all nuclear weaponry. They said we should stop killing each other and learn to live in harmony. They also warned against polluting the Earth and raping her for natural resources.

The American President chose to reject the warning given by the Ashtar Command and allowed representatives from the orbiting ships to land at Edwards Air Force Base.

The alien visitors were intelligent grey skinned, Reptiles.

These are now often referred to as ‘the Greys’.

The President kept the interaction with the aliens secret from the congress and people of the United States and then stepped right outside his constitutional mandate by signing a secret treaty with them called The Plato Pact.


This treaty allowed for the Americans to benefit from advanced alien technology and the aliens to benefit from human DNA to upgrade the genetics of their species.

The treaty permitted the aliens to abduct American citizens for limited vivisection so long as they were replaced unharmed with no memory of the ordeal.

The treaty also allowed for the aliens to operate in underground bases on American territory and for the Americans to utilise the alien craft and technology to build bases on the moon and Mars.


The truth about these bases was uncovered by a British television documentary team investigating the ‘brain drain’. Their astonishing findings included an international conspiracy between the USA and the USSR – covered by the Cold War – disappearing scientists, murder, intrigue and the establishment of slave colonies on the moon and Mars.

The story was televised as a documentary in 1977 and published in the book ‘Alternative 3’. Although information about the clandestine operations was beginning to leak, it continued to be the most closely guarded secret in American history.

Cooper claimed that when President Kennedy declared that he was going to tell Congress and the people, he was prevented from doing so by his assassination.

John F. Kennedy, at Columbia University, 12th Nov, 1963
– 10 days before his murder (on November 22, 1963):

The high office of President has been used to foment
a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before
I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.



Because the alien liaison was withheld from Congress, funding was a major problem. This was overcome in the 1960’s by siphoning money from the space programme but in the 70’s money was raised through the CIA by importing drugs from South America via oil platforms off the Texan coast.

Cooper then claimed that the oil executive who sanctioned this drug smuggling operation went on to become President of the United States.

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