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neilkeenanThese for starters:

1) Israel and Mossad

2) Massive cover-up and scandal

3) Thousands of rescue workers and civilians coming down with chronic and strange illnesses

4) Blatant lies and hypocrisy

October 4, 2009 marked the 17th anniversary of the worst air disaster in Dutch history. It also was the date of the beginning of one of the largest scandals and cover-ups in the history of the Dutch government and it involved Israel, Mossad, the US, El Al, secret and illegal chemical weapons transfers, unconfirmed allegations of weapons-grade plutonium, and as many as 2,000 local residents and firemen eventually reporting health complaints they believe were caused by the crash. Many reported loss of hair in the weeks after the crash, a sign of radiation disease.

Israeli El Al flight 1862, a Boeing 747, crashes into apartment buildings in Bijlmeer, a suburb of Amsterdam, killing 39 people on the ground and four aboard the plane

Oh, and what was the US doing sending massive amounts of WMD’s to the Middle East? So, the US has long been concerned about keeping Weapons of Mass Destruction out of the Middle East – MY ASS!

Remember this story when you next hear some cable news pundit pontificating about why we have to bomb those nasty people in the Middle East.

When you hear that we must bomb Syria because it allows Iranian weapons to transit its territory, remember how our own Dutch allies have been deliberately turning a blind eye for years as one of its major international airports is used as a transit point for our shipment of illicit, non-conventional weapons into the Middle East.

Remember too that at the exact same time that the U.S. Administration was demanding that Iraq be sanctioned and its children starved because Saddam Hussein was developing Chemical and Biological Weapons, our Department of Commerce was (and presumably still is) issuing export licences to facilitate the production of exactly the same weapons in Israel.

And remember when you hear that we have to bomb Iran for its alleged and unproven contravention of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, that the U.S. – a member of the Chemical Weapons Convention – really is faciliating proliferation of Chemical Weapons to a non-member state (Israel).

Just remember the aftermath of the Bijlmermeer air disaster, and you’ll never have to ask yourself again why so much of the world listens to our rhetoric, and thinks we’re just full of it.

Here’s some other shocking facts that were eventually discovered from that disaster:

* Once combined, the chemicals aboard El Al Flight 1862 could have produced 270 kilos of sarin – sufficient to kill the entire population of a major world city. International transport of such materials is a violation of the Chemical Weapons Treaty, signed by the U.S.

* The Dutch Attorney General testified before the commission that the El Al security unit at Schiphol wasn’t actually an El Al security unit at all, but a front operation for the Mossad.

* Airport employees testified that since 1973, the Netherlands’ authorities had allowed El Al planes to transfer cargo at Schiphol Airport without being inspected by customs or by the Dutch Flight Safety Board

* Every Sunday evening an El Al cargo flight arrived from Schiphol en route from New York to Tel Aviv, whose arrival was never displayed on airport monitors, whose cargo was not checked and whose documentation was processed separately from regular freight traffic

* Dutch Journalist Dekker claims, on the basis of leaks from Dutch officials, that the jet carried 27 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium, enough to make seven warheads the size of the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki in 1945.

* Soil samples taken at the crash site have turned up evidence suggesting that nuclear weapons technology was being illegally shipped from the U.S. to Israel.