I found this a refreshingly different message, unchanneled as well, and through Divine intuition. According to her, we are going through 12 initiations from the Fall Equinox up through the Winter Solstice. This brought tears of joy forth, listening to the what is about to unfold. For those purified, prepared and destined, at the middle of November our ascension begins on a collective level. The incarnated soul, The Great god Self, and the human personality become one unified being. Our souls are absorbed at last back to The God Source – it is no longer required as a separate entity. God no longer needs a soul to contact us and will be burned away. The body vehicle is relinquished from our energy framework and we now will live truly in our I Am Presence. We are release from the controls of the material aspects, duality ends, personal karma ends, we are ascended and free. We activate the codes of immortality within us. Youthing processes begins. Our greater abilities begin. Our Group Consciousness becomes our greatest guide and teacher. Our soul absorption is our actual ascension at this phase.

The God Drop – a loving solar energy bringing instantaneous transformation to everyone on the Earth. Since so many have become spiritually conscious, it can now come forth. It come through the galactic center and through our physical sun, radiates forth pivotal frequencies in the hearts of all of humanity and stimulates a mass goodwill movement. This will impact the planet at the first of December.

Published on Oct 28, 2012 by childrenofthesun1
Timely message about 2012 end of the year. The Rites of Passage going on NOW, much is revealing! Children of the Sun Foundation… www.ChildrenoftheSun.org