2012 Bonus! Transformation Audio – 14 minutes

November 2012 Overview – 8 minutes


Daily November 2012 Celestial Timings Sample (all times PST unless otherwise noted)

9 p.m. viewNov 01, Thursday. Venus (5 Libra)  reaches opposition to Uranus (5 Aries) at 3:06 pm. Uranus is the great awakener intending to facilitate freedom and liberation. When connected to the divine feminine, Venus in Libra, the awakening is around the experience of conscious equal partnership that is connecting to a greater cosmic vision or perspective. Uranus is known for unexpected revolutionary events that are designed to shift  perspectives and/or assemblage points. The assemblage point is the core belief , or core view point, that organizes our personal and collective reality.

This is a great time to be engaging in a personal inquiry around how you are experiencing yourself in all your relationships. Are you experiencing events beyond your control that are taking you in new relational directions? Are you embracing these changes or resisting them? The more you resist the more intense the events become to create the shift toward more enlightened ways of relating.

The Gemini Moon occults Jupiter (15 Gemini) at 6:18 pm accelerating the Gemini intention to lighten up and not take life too seriously by seeing the humor and laughing at our human experience. Osho agrees saying:

If you watch life it is ridiculous, and if you can laugh at yourself, that is the last boundary line. Beyond that begins the wordless experience of silence. But the laughter of a person observing their own antics also has a different quality. Laughing at others is a little cruel — there is some violence hidden in it — but laughing at oneself is a great awakening. ~ Laugh Your Way to God ~ O S H O

Nov 02, Friday. The waning Moon is visible reaching the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge exact at 12:43 am tomorrow when the Moon enters Cancer. This means the Moon is transmitting the light codes that are coming in from beyond your Galaxy and coming through the lens of the Cancer archetype suggests there may be new ways of creating safe nurturing space for our self and others that also nourishes and supports the changes taking place on planet Earth. (see Nov 30)

November 2012 Celestial Timings Template

Nov 01, Thursday. Venus (5 Libra) reaches opposition to Uranus (5 Aries) at 3:06 pm. The Gemini Moon occults Jupiter (15 Gemini) at 6:18 pm

Nov 02, Friday. The waning Moon is visible reaching the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge exact at 12:43 am tomorrow when the Moon enters Cancer. This means the Moon is transmitting the light codes that are coming in from beyond your Galaxy.

Nov 03, Sat. Venus (7 Libra) is square Pluto (7 Capricorn) at 10:26 am.

Nov 04, Sun. Daylight Savings Time ends. Time to set clocks back one hour.

Nov 05, Mon. The Moon enters Leo at 11:39 am.

Nov 06, Tue. The Leo Last Quarter Moon is 15 Leo at 4:36 pm. The astrological Cross-Quarter when the Sun reaches 15 Scorpio. Mercury (4 Sagittarius) stations retrograde at 3:04 pm going direct on November 26 at 18 Scorpio.

Nov 08, Thursday. Venus (14 Libra) is trine Jupiter (15 Gemini at 11:26 pm.
Nov 09, Friday. Saturn is aligned with Khambalia, the magical, mystical star of secret knowledge.

Nov 10, Sat. Moon moves into Libra at 1:35 pm and Neptune (0 Pisces 22) stations direct at 11:53 pm

Nov 11, Sun. Veterans Day. The Moon conjuncts Venus at 6:13 am visible in the morning sky at the 3rd chakra gate.

Nov 12, Mon. The Moon enters Scorpio at 3:10 am and conjuncts Saturn (4 Scorpio) at 10:28 am\

Nov 13, Tue. The Scorpio New Moon (22 Scorpio) Solar Eclipse is exact at 2:08 pm. Retrograde Mercury is returning to Scorpio at 11:43 pm.

Nov 14, Wed. The Moon occults Mercury at 2:39 am before entering Sagittarius at 2:52 am.

Nov 15, Thursday. The Moon is catching up to Mars early tomorrow morning but visible near Mars (29 Sagittarius) tonight.

Nov 16, Friday. The Moon moves into Capricorn 2:35 am and the Moon occults Pluto at 3:18 pm Mars enters Capricorn at 6:26 pm

Nov 17, Sat. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct the Sun at 7:47 am (26 Scorpio) and both are conjunct the North Node

Nov 18, Sun. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 4:10 am.

Nov 19, Mon. Venus is conjunct Spica in the Morning Sky

Nov 20, Tue. The First Quarter Moon is exact at 6:21 am at 28 Aquarius 41 before the Moon moves into Pisces at 8:55 am and conjuncts Neptune at 9:38 am and Chiron around 7 pm

Nov 21, Wed. The Sun moves into Sagittarius at 1:50 pm marking the last 30 days before the December Solstice. Venus moves into Scorpio at 5:20 pm traveling through Scorpio until December 15.

Nov 22, Thursday. The Sun squares Neptune either late last night or early this morning depending on your time zone. Venus trines Neptune at 1 am.

Nov 23, Friday. The Moon moved into Aries last night and catches up to Urauns (5 Aries) at 2:27 am. Mars (5 Capricorn) is also reaching an exact square to Uranus (5 Aries)

Nov 24, Sat. Mars (5.5 Capricorn) is sextile Saturn (5.5 Scorpio)

Nov 25, Sun. The Moon moves into Taurus

Nov 26, Mon. The Sun (4 Sagittarius) is trine Uranus (4 Aries) at 6:16 am. Mercury (18 Scorpio) stations direct at 2:48 pm. Venus is conjunct Saturn at 5:19 am and both are at 6 Scorpio.

Nov 27, Tue. Mars conjuncts Pluto at 12:14 pm and both are at 8 Capricorn.

Nov 28, Wed. Lunar Ecli pse 6 Gemini 47 at 6:47 am and the Full Moon is occulting Jupiter.

Nov 29, Thursday. The Sun (7 Sag) is within 3 degrees of Antares.

Nov 30, Friday. The Moon is on the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge exact at 5:55 am as it enters Cancer.