Transformational Shift Events

September 16, 2017  Tucson, Arizona –  presents: You Revealed…

Including major events in the lives of Alexandra Meadors, Shekina Rose of the Blue Ray, Suzanne Ross  of  Supernatural Sedona, Grandmother Star Laughing-Fox  and  Cheyene Stone of Stone Virtue.

September 23 & 24 Sedona, Arizona  – Sedona Autumnal Equinox weekend.  Sacred Native American teachings & extensive, higher dimensional star knowledge will be revealed & discussed.

Speakers include:  Chief Golden Light Eagle [Wambidi Izaŋzaŋ Zizi Itaŋcaŋ] (Nakota, Dakota, Lakota Hereditary Chief), Grandmother Star Laughing-Fox [Ulisi Noquisi Uyetsasgvi Inoli](Cherokee Wolf Clan Medicine Woman), James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch, Rod Bearcloud Berry of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona/Village of Oak Creek, Cheyene Stone(Choctaw/Shawnee) of Stone Virtue, and Shekina Rose (Dakote) Peace Emissary of the Blue Ray  In collaboration with Clint Culberson of Lords of Consciousness  .


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