eWakenings with Jennifer Hough
“There are two things humans love to control most: money and love.  Oddly, the flow of either of them is directly proportional to the degree you allow Infinite Wisdom to work through you…. without your involvement.” ~ J. Hough 
September 24, 2013
Hi there Alexandra,
Oh, I know, it seems hard doesn’t it?  Because we feel like if we had more money or love we would be happy or happier.  Ask yourself, would the Universe be so cruel as to make happiness dependent upon anything?
REALLY? Consider this.  If you have a romance with your life, truly dive in on all cylinders whether you have the money or love you feel you should……. eventually that romance will translate into flow in every area of your life.
FLOW WITH THE GO:  Now forget I said any of that so you don’t get attached, then go and romance yourself like never before. You really won’t care if more money or love comes along, because you will be truly abundant……… (and you know what happens next right?  And forget I hinted it…… Go!!!!)  xoxxo Jennifer
Jen Girl
– – – – – – – P.S.
There’s “Alexandra worldly control” and then there’s “cosmic Infinite Wisdom control”.  Do you really want the booby prize?  xoxo
Jennifer Hough and
The Wide Awakening Team
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