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3rd-Annual Architects of the New Paradigm Conference
“Today’s Truths – Tomorrow’s Opportunities for Change”


March 25-26, 2017
 Ashland, Oregon
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Join leading visionaries and discover hidden truths and practical solutions at this jam-packed weekend guaranteed to enlighten and inspire you toward thinking and being in the new paradigm. Join us!
Environment – Whistleblowers – Quantum Physics – Worldview Theory – Social Harmony Economics – Vaccine Safety – Media 
2017 ANP Presenters
Dr. Mary Ruwart, author of Healing Our World: “How We Learned the Secret of Peace and Plenty in Childhood- and Then Promptly Forgot It!”
John Perkins, author of The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: “New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man- A Call to Transform Turmoil into A New Economy”
Daniel Sheehan, J.D., director of The New Paradigm Institute: “The Architecture of Human Worldviews- Insights and Strategies for Understanding and Relating to Each Other in an Increasingly Polarized World”
Dr. Jennifer Margulis, author of The Vaccine Friendly Plan: “What if Our Medical Advances Are Also Our Worst Mistakes? Vaccines, Antibiotics, Hygiene and a New Paradigm for Sustainable Health”
Foster Gamble, co-creator of Thrive Movement and the movie Thrive: “The Freedom Solution- What’s Missing in the New Paradigm- An Update on Practical Breakthroughs from the Thrive Movement”
Nassim Haramein, scientist and co-creator of the movie Connected Universe, “Learning to See Our World Differently Through Cutting-Edge Science”
Emcee: Joel Garbon, director of New Energy Movement
Panel Moderator: Will Wilkinson, author of Now or Never
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