April 8, 2014 .. 1-3am central time, a large vortex shaped RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” event took place , emitted from the San Antonio NEXRAD RADAR station.

As with other previous events, we see the RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” produce ionization + CCN (cloud condensation nuclei).

Seen below, via multiple .gif animations coming from the NEXRAD feed on College of Dupage, the “HAARP ring” produces multiple returns showing across Base Reflectivity, Velocity, Relative Mean Velocity, Correlation Coefficient, Differential Reflectivity, Specific Differential Phase, VIL (vertical integrated liquid), Echo Tops, and EVEN SHOWING AS A 1-hour storm total (of precipitation)!

Yes, showing as over an hour of storm precipitation. Coming from a long lasting energy pulse, not mother nature.

radar pulse haarp ring san antonio

Links to the screenshot sources, and sources shown in the video:









backdated NEXRAD feeds can be found here [time of the event begins roughly 655Z (UTC) April 8 2014 ] :



.gif animations may take a moment to load (each feed is 48 images):

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1aa

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1a

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1aaa

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1aaaaa

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1aaaaaa

texas radar pulse haarp ring april 8 2014a1aaaa

As always, keep watch on the epicenter of the “HAARP ring” / RADAR pulse — in this case, San Antonio. Watch from the point of the pulse up to 72 hours for Hail, Damaging winds, and/or possible tornadoes to strike very close to the center of the pulse.

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