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“If we all had elephant hearts, our willingnesto have grace for imperfections in others and ourselves would over-ride our need to protect. If we all had elephant hearts, we would relentlessly stand for dignity and self-respect. If we all had elephant hearts, we would know how big we really are, and bless those who are ready with great love and wisdom, while unconditionally loving everyone else all the same. If we all had elephant hearts, we would stand for nothing less than harmony and be willing to stampede when appropriate.” J. Hough
November 19, 2013
Hi Alexandra:
Funny thing about elephants? Their grace is astounding. We were in a sanctuary We witnessed these huge animals with some of the very mahoots (keepers) that might have originally been part of their controlled and hurtful pasts. We also witnessed them being still and gentle with total strangers as they got washed, stroked, petted and loved upon. Not sure if I would have that much grace……but thank you teachers.

At least half the elephants were
injured severely at one point. They had limps, blindness, dislocations and yet were getting along wonderfully with life. Their injuries came from humans. Interesting, sounds familiar to our own stories right?

The elephants way of dealing with all the hurt? Stand stronger. Settle for nothing less than your freedom. See the heart of others as often as you can, and allow yourself to be seen…..because it activates our hearts. Get connected to the leaders and put up with little things because you’ve got your eye on the bigger picture all the time. Do not question that your job on the planet is much bigger than what most might think….and the few that get what you are doing, will be enough to feed your heart to keep going. Don’t be afraid and do make your point with grace. Play always.

I aspire to have an elephant heart… ’bout you?

With love from Thailand……hope you come next year.

Jen Girl
Jennifer Hough and
The Wide Awakening Team
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