April 18, 2014

This is becoming a disturbing occurrence to see happen over such a large area.

First the Midwest fracking operations sent off similar plumes earlier yesterday, then surface earthquakes at a volcano in Nevada, followed by a surface earthquake at a fracking operation in Illinois, finally followed up with an earthquake at a fracking operation in Texas.

Now this fracking operation in North Central California gives off several large blasts of steam / gas.

Not to be confused with a “fire”, forest control burn, or a farmers field burn in the spring — this location (as all the others have been) is verified as a fracking / injection  well operation.

california fracking plumes final


The RADAR hydrometer classification marks this as water vapor and Ice Crystals mixed together !

Keep in mind its a partly cloudy night in the area.

Whatever the wells are erupting, its vaporizing and rising in a fairly dense series of “clouds”.



The 1-hour NEXRAD RADAR storm total tells the tale of the gaseous release.  Steam?  Like a man made geyser, only much larger?



Several more shots of the event below using different NEXRAD RADAR filters can be found here (for the next several hours):