Transformational Shift Event




Hey Sis !  Hope you are enjoying the early part of this summer.

So, having left Arizona for the summer and being here for a good chunk of the month of June, and having seen & experienced what I’ve experienced…

Because of Mom’s (now 88) worsening  condition

*  which seems to getting worse & worse by the day…  her continued dementia -and- advanced stage, progressive Alzheimer’s Disease causing her continued confusion, sometimes sadness/depression, almost continual pissed-offedness at us [as a family] for taking her freedom, her car, her life, etc.

*  the time & exhaustive energy that it takes for all of us to deal with this;

*  the many complications we as a family are experiencing with difficult decisions coming next for us;
[One of our Australia lead Speakers, David Still, just went through this same experience within the past few years]

AND, also because of the very difficult energies affecting so  many people across the planet creating confusion, upset & uncertainly across many people…

We are for the first time everpostponing  the 2019  4th Annual Transformational Shift Events & PlanetsWithin conference…  and we will instead plan for the production of this same event, next year, during the same time of year…  in 2020.

And Alexandra, my sincere apologies for having to postpone our planned 2019 event.

It’s been a difficult decision.  But, unfortunately, also one I believe needs to be made, as unhappy as Joe & I are about making it.____

I will continue to stay in touch, my friend.