Wednesday March 29, 2017 5:30-8:00 pm PT









If your intention is to Ascend into a 5th Dimensional Reality, do your thoughts and actions support that? And how does the frequency of your thoughts and actions impact the transmutation going on within your physical body? We continue to focus on frequency teachings, practical steps and powerful meditations that will assist you in aligning with 5D frequencies in support of your ascension process and the Liberation of Planet Earth.

You cannot pass the barrier into the 5th dimension unless you have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. This is also the prerequisite for contact with the Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders, Ascended Masters and those advanced beings within the Inner Earth.

What if you become love, joy, find total acceptance and appreciation within? What would happen to seeking, leaking your energy like a battery, how self empowering would that be – to go within and find yourself? The true self – not the social programmed self. You would be free, you will look around you and ask do I really need all this stuff?

Do I want to surround myself with what now feel to be zombies? Do I really want to be part of this herd and is this herd sustainable? Am I frequency specific to my surroundings or do I need to make a change? Am I being supported and fed spiritually?

Then, sadly, most will wake up in the morning, go to their cubicles and fall right back into the herd of zombie consumers.

Yet some will not…..

Those are the ones we are looking for. Those are the ones the liberation of Earth is depending on.

– James Gilliland 03.26.17

The teleconferences begin with the Healing Negative Influences process to set the space. Then there is “now moment” information sharing followed by the specific meditation process and frequency recalibration process for that week. After the process Ashli will take questions about your experiences with tonight’s topic first, then open to general questions. These teleconferences are by donation. Click the link below to register.

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Thanks again for everything. You have no idea how much you are helping all of us get through these times, helping us to understand what is happening, and giving us tools to use so we’re not walking around in fear. 🙂 Much love and gratitude to you! – Birdee G

Just wanted to thank you for the call last night. You are an amazing Light! I am feeling shifted and grateful for your important reminder on how to navigate through these times. – GL, Utah

You continue to amaze us with your commitment not only to helping out at the ranch in whatever mode of necessity that is called for, yet still continue to hold sacred space (and grace) by honoring your commitment to follow through with these weekly sessions! We all are amazed with the multidimensional frequencies that you channel and guide us into experiencing for ourselves. Last night in particular was incredible… the 11D contact continues to become more familiar; and the raising our vibration to 5D was awesome! I truly feel that your work is loving and pure and helps all of us hold a frequency of NO FEAR! Thank you and the TEAM for sharing important insights into the upcoming shifts and how we can be prepared to go with the flow! Looking forward to our next encounter.

I love you and have deep gratitude and appreciation, Cass

You are such a natural – you shed light on the darkness. We all felt more peaceful clear and secure – you raising our consciousness in this way is truly your gift to share – Cathryn

Aloha Dear One. Thank you so much for everything you are doing and the space you are holding and co-creating with everyone. Linda

I want to thank you so much for that beautiful and inspiring meditation tonight. – BG

Dearest SiStar Ashli – Happy New Year – Bravo! This was an amazing experience – you raised the roof – and helped us blast through the 50,000′ ceiling and beyond! It feels great and it is awesome to be a part of these weekly guided meditations – we have grown into such a loving and beautiful group of Starseeds- Your confidence, experience, and gentle vibration while sharing your multi dimensional insights, align and activate our combined soul energies and light bodies – this in turn becomes a fabulous platform for recalibrating and supporting the healing we all as light workers need to be effective in order to share the gift of Divine light and healing with others. Well done! Thank you, I love you.
– Deepest Gratitude and Sincere Appreciation Cassie