Published on Oct 21, 2018


Learn more about the DPP-IV Enzyme that protects you from Gluten in your food: Sign up for the FREE 2018 Fall Home Medicine Summit: Mark Steele, Chief Technology Officer for the Reevu Technology company, joins the program to discuss his landmark gag order and criminal lawsuits over 5G technology. He claims his entire neighborhood have been guinea pigs for a 5G trial that violates all human right laws including the Nuremberg Codes, the Geneva Convention and all other local & international human right laws. According to Steele and court documents, the judged agreed and denied authorities to place a gag order on Steele; “People Have the Right to Know” about the effects of 5G on humans and other living animals and insects. You can see more information on 5G and this case @ Consider supporting my channel and see exclusive interviews and inside information @ Stay Informed! Sign up for my newsletter @ Thank you for watching and for supporting the channel!