Part 12: A Crystal Wonderworld
July 29, 2013
The next morning was an early one and all 6 of us arrived at Julie's shop around 8:05 a.m. She walked out to our car holding a bowl with a feather, some sage and select crystals in hand, and I knew at that point we had different preconceived notions of what we would be doing together from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.. Hey! I love spontaneity! Julie's friend Laura arrived as well, and it became a pandemonium of activity as she introduced Laura and hugged each of us, coordinated the trip with Laura, directed each of us to jump in separate cars for various reasons, and finally took off for her personal crystal mine. She wanted us to do a ceremony on her property as well "because of who we are" according to her. Ironically enough, we had previously driven right by her crystal mine without knowing it was hers, so we had a good idea of where she was taking us. We had meandered our way up and down through countless dirt lanes and forest roads the day before in search of the the best little meditation spot known only to the locals.
We had meandered our way up and down through countless dirt lanes and forest roads the day before in search of the the best little meditation spot known only to the locals. We found the most isolated point with a concrete picnic table, springs bubbling everywhere, with a small waterfall cascading into a pool of glass. A sign stated that the water had not been tested for drinking, but you could see why they posted it. It was tempting to see if it tasted as good as it looked.
The trek up her quartz covered drive was a bit nerve-wracking, as we didn't really have a lot of power, nor 4-wheel drive, but we figured if Laura's van could make it up the steep gradient then so could we. Once we made it to a higher point and parked, we opened our doors with anticipation only to find spectacular crystals of every size, shape, and hue scattered everywhere your eyes could see.
Julie had created a spiral long ago at the center of a vortex and guided us to stand around it. She called in the four directions and then turned it over to us. I proceeded to call everyone in, including the Ascended Masters, Angelic Kingdom, Galactic Beings of the High Councils, Nature Kingdom and more. The place was packed with The Forces of Light supporting us on this reunion with 2 more fellow Galactic sisters. When I called in the Elements, The Wind forcefully blew through our circle and one of my new Guides Keytak came through. I relayed messages as were given to each of us at the circle, and apparently they were very much needed. Julie was assured protection and an ending to so much interference, Steve was reminded to release the guilt and shame from escaping Atlantis' final day of infamy, and Laura was honored and told to unlock her heart for the sake of the planet. At one point, Steve became very emotional upon hearing this message and as Laura spoke in tongues, she assisted him in clearing these memories and the guilt associated with them.
She guided him into a state of joy, as he smiled and giggled at the time of his release. It was clearly a very special experience for him. We all thanked Mother Earth and then closed the ceremony. She offered for us to stay and dig for crystals but as usual we too were on a schedule and had to check on the dogs' well-being.

We returned to Julie's shop and asked her to analyze the crystal that was gifted to me days ago. She knew Dee and when she saw the crystal, she rattled off so many details about its form, structure, uniqueness, etc. that I asked if I could record her.
It was amazing and I was thrilled to find out that this crystal was truly a gift from Source... now I knew why I couldn't be without it. Here is a recording on how unique and special this crystal is! I am sure you will learn a great deal about crystals, just by listening to this clip!
After she saw the connection and inferences with this crystal and my "record keeper" capacities, Julie then insisted on gifting us 2 agape crystals that she had acquired from South America. She really felt strongly that we must have them and of course we were delighted! Here is a snippet of the description of an Agape Crystals and its unique offerings:
Agape Crystals contain the energies of Amethyst, Smokey and Clear Quartz, Rutile, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite and Goethite; never need clearing or cleansing and come only from Espirito Santo, Brazil. The name "agape" comes from the Greek word meaning "an out-pouring of unconditional love"... Agape Crystals are associated with an out-pouring of the Divine Feminine energies such as unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing, to name a few. The "brotherhood" of minerals contained within these crystals is not unlike our brothers and sisters of our Native American Medicine Wheel, all sharing their energies and gifts with their human companions to help them on their paths to spiritual growth and completion. They are wonderful companion crystals for "reviewing and releasing" old ways of thinking and acting which do not serve us on our paths to enlightenment.
They can also help us to create a new path to allow the ways of "peace and harmony" to rule in our lives, and help us to re-focus and manifest what is needed. In addition, these Agape Crystals can aid us in awakening, stimulating, and developing our psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. It should be noted here that even if some of these minerals are microscopic and not eye-visible within the stone, all of their properties are still within the crystal, as they are all indigenous to the area where these crystals are mined. Just like the minerals within Mother Earth that flow through the vine into the grape to give a fine wine its distinct flavor, so do these minerals combine to create this incredible crystal. Agape Crystal vibrates to the master number 11, the most intuitive of all numbers, representing illumination and deep insight, as well as spiritual harmony....
We experienced some really profound crystal readings with Julie and said our goodbyes not really wanting to leave, while she boldly proclaimed that she knew we would move here some day. Now that really got me thinking! Afterwards, we decided to grab a bite to eat before returning to the room, and since it was too late for breakfast, we had lunch at Shangra-la. This restaurant sits right off of the beautiful lake, tucked away on a "hilltop" with pines, oaks, and evergreens surrounding the resort. We reminisced about the perpetual magic of this trip and how we were so glad we remained true to staying open and adaptable to whatever came our way.
Spirit was truly taking us by the hand to discover "clues" and little treasures throughout the mission. We sincerely wished everyone could experience a trip like this at least just once in their lives.

After some photo opportunities, Steve and I returned to the room since I had to buckle down in preparation for my interview. I had 2- 3 hours which wasn't a lot considering these sorts of interviews usually required 3 days of preparation, but it would have to do. Steve took a nap while I was preparing and then left with the dogs while I prayed for a clear undisturbed wi-fi connection. It had been raining nonstop, but lo and behold it stopped while I was interviewing. Even then, the service in these small rural towns leaves much to be desired. I set up in the local MacDonald's restaurant, happy to sit in air conditioning and watch the children play with one another while I asked away the questions of the day...

Afterwards, I found Steve had returned from another side mission, as he was called into Mena, AR to clear some really nasty energies there. As many of you know, Clinton's Administration put this place on the map, well-known for becoming one of the drug depots of the world for cocaine and heroin. Apparently he could really feel the density and confinement of the area. Relieved that I could successfully upload my audio file finally, we took off with the 4 dogs and drove through some of the local neighborhoods to see what the older houses looked like. I also wanted to perform a thorough canvasing of each street in the surrounding area, as a piece of land was calling out to me.
Sure enough, I followed My Guidance down an isolated gravel road to a massive scene of thousands of acres of rolling hills butting up against lines of trees. It felt as if my heat stopped with the breathtaking view and the intense triggering of memories that came from reuniting with this land. I knew I had been there before and I was pretty sure this was the place for The Project... we literally jumped out of the car and saw crystals everywhere sparkling and deflecting the sun's rays. They were everywhere, on the dirt roads, under the grass and bushes, under the big oak trees, and even lining the pathways.
Hours went by with few words between us as we got lost in the discoveries and the possibility that this could one day become our future home. At one point I called my friend Pam who is an advanced remote viewer, and asked her to lock into this particular piece of land. She confirmed that this was "our land from the days of Atlantis." It had been where the 3 healing temples stood, with the "raising the dead" a common practice. We had worked together on that timeline, so it was no surprise to her that I had called and she was available and had answered. Pam suggested we close our eyes and see with our minds eye the 3 temples because they were there right in front of us. I asked her if they would appear "marked" in the 3D and she said yes... sure enough right in front of us were 3 mounds kind of spaced like the 3 pyramids in Giza. On the top of each mound you could see a discoloration in the foliage as well as a spiral, circular pattern. None of the other hills were anything like this.
I insisted on returning to the room so we could call another friend of ours who is psychically gifted and review possible properties from the standpoint of ley lines. She agreed that this property, although not for sale, could be attained for The Project. She recommended that we drive Northeast from where we were and see that area. We jumped back in the car without our dogs and drove east on the 188, destination unknown. The drive was lovely with jam-packed trees lining each side of the two lane road. The only thing was that most of the land dropped off significantly on either side and it was becoming more and more apparent that we were driving at the top of an apex.
The land really wasn't buildable, at least on that particular route but the long drive ended up being so worthwhile in the end. I have to say that we had no conception what lay before us. We had never seen anything like this before. It just reinstated our love and awe for what Mother Earth presents to the world. My eyes welled up when viewing the immaculate and pristine condition of this area, longing to see all of nature's beauties restored and fully thriving once again...

We reached Housley Point, the tip of this peninsula and as usual found only one other person there. It was breathtaking and I could not help but feel I had done this before.
We walked along the lake's shore, blown away by the many natural marvels presenting themselves. There were massive slabs of quartz throughout the park, with trees literally growing out of this quartz. Some rocks literally appeared to display hieroglyphics and countless pieces of quartz of every conceivable size, shape, and color lay under our feet. It was difficult to gain our footing, as some were very pointed and fragmented, some massive slabs navigated their way into the crystal clear lake, mysteriously disappearing into the fathoms below. It was a quartz wonderland with extremely bizarre shale formations and etchings throughout the area.
All we could do was shake our head at the untouched beauty of this sanctuary. I was pulled to walk off alone, communing with Mother Father God with tears streaming down my face that this location had been so protected. There was no other explanation for such beauty to be so untouched, with no huge developers to have come in and dominated the land. There were many protecting this area such as our friend Julie and you could feel them watching and observing us. Again, I was overwhelmed with a state of gratitude that we had chosen and or been selected, with a smile on my face. I had returned home once again.
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