Italy & “Crown” Connections NeonRevolt Part 2

May 16, 2019

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Tracking the #MaltesePhantom and #Spygate’s Crown Connections – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

One of the big “problems” we have in the QAnon community is a lack of specificity when talking about certain groups or global affairs – and it’s understandable why, especially in light of my last article breaking down Ukrainian involvement in the #Spygate scandal. Things just get so convoluted, it’s often just easier to refer to everything under one, big, collective label. But we need to be aware that we can lose precision when we do that – and precision can be very important in some instances.

One such group we haven’t really been specific enough with is, frankly, #TheCabalitself.

It’s very easy to simply say “The Cabal diddit” when talking in generalized terms, but in truth, I think it would be more beneficial to us all if we got really specific whenever we are able, especially when dealing with the subject of the Cabal itself.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying the term itself is bad or something to be avoided. I’m just saying that as a general rule of thumb, specificity is better, when we’re able to get specific.

And today, I’m hoping to get real specific when dealing with one particular wing of the Cabal.

So I want to open this article with a question.

Have you seen these tweets, yet?

One letter, “M,” tweeted out by both Heather Podesta (Tony’s ex-wife), and Rudy Giuliani, almost a year and a month apart from each other. Both deleted shortly thereafter.

Strange, right? The same “typo” being made and then getting deleted shortly thereafter, by two of the most prominent people involved in this whole “game” we’re watching play out in front of our very eyes.

Very strange, indeed, if you ask me.

But what does it mean, exactly? Anons have puzzled over the question since 2018, when the first tweet landed, but no real answers were forthcoming.

I have a theory… but it starts with another tweet, here:

I think this tweet from George Papadopoulos flew by a lot of us when it came out, and for a good reason: it introduces a new name; a new piece of the puzzle in what is already a profoundly confusing affair. It’s like we’re all busy, trying to put together this other section of the puzzle, and so we almost ignore when a new piece is tossed our way, because that would require us to:

  1. Take our focus away from what we’re already doing, and-
  2. Try to figure out the importance and relevance of the new piece being presented to us.

Often times, that’s a losing proposition for researchers. We’d sooner just figure out what we’re already involved in, and come back to newer pieces at a later date, to see how they fit with what we’ve already compiled.

(That, and the “mysterious” upsell for his book didn’t help matters, either).

Unfortunately, this is a mistake on our part, because PapaD dropped one of the biggest names he could have ever mentioned with this one little tweet.

I’ll explain in a bit, but first…

Quick timeline refresher:

The Trump Tower meeting took place on June 9th, 2016.

That would place this Dinner between the Ohrs and Saunders on June 5th, 2016.

PapaD met with Joseph Mifsud for the first time on March 14th, 2016, in a London Hotel.

(Sidenote: You’ll find a fantastic post about the hotel they met at, the Andaz hotel, and the hidden Masonic temple built within, in the Notable Gab Posts linked after the article. Well worth the read. Click here to jump to it right now).

The woman who attended the dinner with the Ohrs is one Alison Saunders, former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), over in the UK.

So, her role is sort of similar to that of the Attorney General’s, here in the US.

There’s also the question of if she was really taking order from the Queen’s Privy Council, which is a sort of advisory body made up of mostly, though not exclusively, British Politicians and Nobility. Appointments in the Privy Council are for the lifetime of whichever Monarch they’re serving under.

Because four days before the Trump Tower meeting… she was slated to have dinner with the Ohrs, here in the US, as this e-mail obtained by Judicial Watch shows below:

The first thing that should raise alarm bells in our heads is that Saunders has diplomatic immunity. This means she is not searched when she comes to the US, and she gets a travel bag that is not subject to search, either. So if she was physically coming to the US to have dinner to the Ohrs…

…What was she bringing with her?

Americans4Innovations tells us that Saunders was accompanied by MI6 security personnell, but then rightly questions why Saunders was meeting with Ohr, an underling, instead of his boss, Sally Yates.

Remember, Nellie Ohr was hired specifically by Fusion GPS due to her marriage to Bruce Ohr, who was working in the DOJ at the time. And we’ve already talked about some of the ways in which information was laundered from the DNC, to Ukrainians, to Fusion GPS, and into the Steele Dossier in the previous article. So this is a key question we need answered as we continue to bring the pieces of this #Spygate puzzle together:

What was said by Saunders to the Ohrs, and what, if anything, did she bring with her to that dinner?

But as PapaD said in his tweet, the person who introduced both Saunders to the Ohrs, and who introduced Mifsud to PapaD…

Is actually  Senior Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, one Arvinder K. Sambei.


Disobedient Media gave us a good rundown of her history a couple months back:

As Chris Blackburn told this author: “Mifsud and Papadopoulos’s co-director Arvinder Sambei was also the former FBI British counsel working 9/11 cases for Robert Mueller. She also runs a consultancy which deals with Special Investigative Measure (SIMs) which is just a posh description for covert espionage and evidence gathering. She has worked for major intelligence and national law agencies in the past. She wore two hats as a director of London Centre and a consultant for the Global Center on Cooperative Security (GCCS), a counter-terrorism think tank which is sponsored by the Australia, Canada, UK and US governments. Alexander Downer’s former Chief of Staff while at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade now works for the Global Center. Mifsud was also due to meet with Australian private intelligence figures in Adelaide in March 2016. So. Australia is certainly a major focus for the investigation.” [Emphasis Added]

This also connects back to the Link Campus University in Rome (basically, a Vatican spy-school), but on top of that, Sambei having previously worked alongside Mueller, she also has ties to one of Mueller’s Special Counsel team-members, Zainab Ahmad. Writes Disobedient media:

Zainab Ahmad, a member of Mueller’s legal team, is the former Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York. As pointed out by Blackburn, Ahmad attended a Global Center on Cooperative Security event in 2017. In recent days, Blackburn wrote via Twitter: “Zainab Ahmad is a major player in the Russiagate scandal at the DOJ. Does she work for SC Mueller? She was at a GCCS event in May 2017. Arvinder Sambei, a co-director of the [London Centre of International Law Practice], worked with Joseph Mifsud, [George Papadopoulos] and [Simona Mangiante]. She’s a GCCS consultant.”

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