Dear Friends,

If you live in the UK and possess debts, such as a mortgage, or bank loan……Be especially aware of what is happening and view this RT report.

Also, remember that the new PMS system of currencies is ready for activation, world-wide, including for Pound Stirling…When the old system collapses, be prepared and the transition to the new system, which will be rapidly expedited.

Note that debts are unpayable and none of the public-facing politicians will tell you of this fact. So national and individual debts will have to be cancelled and the new precious metals system, to back the Pound with soundness, brought in, which will bring the economy around, just as the old system dies forever, never to be used again…

Do not panic, but everything that Max Keiser has reported on RT, from his London location, is correct and has and will come to pass, with regard the fall of the current financial system of perpetual debt, which is unsustainable in the short term, let alone the long term…

Once the City of London ponzi scam falls, the global fiat system will fall with it, as it sits at the heart of the Illuminoid financial web of power..

Be fearless, as all is divinely ordained…and under divine control.

This is not just another failed prediction, it is happening….the end of the current fiscal system is happening now, finally…

Blessings of Light and abundance,

Commander Drekx Omega, GFL Ground Crew, Eastern England Sector

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