“Where have they applied the multi-billions of dollars?

Moral, honest, forth-right, dependable, mentally strong, intelligent, creative, inventive, analytical, politically savvy and helpful, would be the terms we wish our leaders all fit into.

After 50 years of deceptive self -serving fraudulent liars, all in the leadership roles, very few of our leaders would fit under any of those banners. When they take office, they are instructed that if they play along they can survive in office. However, if they resist or become too open and honest with the public, they will not survive the office. If they get too open and talk too freely, they will not survive anything they will not survive !

Many years ago a plan was put into place, literally unconstitutional in content, but sold to the Americans as a necessary program. It may have been, at that time., but it was s left to fester under careful attention of a crooked few persons. It has grown into a nightmare for the future Americans who may survive the next global disaster.

Continuity of Government, at the cost of Continuity of America

And our Constitutional way of life!”


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