Here is the request for anyone who feels compelled to dive in to bring forth The New Golden Age more quickly!

The surface population who serve The Dark have increased their activity to debilitate all of us.  And the technology they have access to has been steadily ramped up to increase chaotic, confusing, malevolent, and dissonant frequencies specifcally from major military bases., research and development facilities, universities, any larger churches, hospitals, or ANYWHERE where people congregate.  This is being focused upon in a big way, as they have lost their “batallions of reinforcements” due to planetary work completed by many other Lightworkers, including myself with the missions performed throughout Africa.

So here is the request for anyone who feels compelled to dive in to bring forth The New Golden Age more quickly –

sweden with bases notatedFirstly, determine what area you would like to work on.  The Legions of Light are asking that everyone work their own neighborhoods, as well as the prominent structures used by The Dark.  Go up on google and pull up a map.  Research and find out where all of the larger churches, universities, schools, R & D locations, corporate facilities (especially monsanto type companies, pharmaceutical companies, military contract companies for example), active and inactive military bases, etc. are in your vicinity.  Mark them on your map so you can envision their locations.  You don’t have to get super detailed, but just enough to support your intentions.

Gather 3 of you together on skype, the phone, in person, or even etherically (IF you are comfortable with that – if you haven’t done a lot of this type of work before, it is better for you to see, hear, and feel the other people helping you with this work.  This helps the mind align with the reality that you are truly effecting the grid.)  Then it is important to clear yourself and your space, using the burning of palo santo, sage, and proclamations and intentions.  Then once you have prepped yourself and have determined that you are a clear vessel for The Light to work with, call in your Guidance, but also call in The Ancient Ones to place a pillar of protection around each of the people you are working with, including yourself.  Command that a heironic beam of Light shines down upon all of you and the location you are working on.

pyramid_-22m_bjNow it is time to build grids.  The grid that has been requested is a pyramidal tower  – I have added a basic picture so you have a general idea of its proper shape.  You will be building a pyramidal tower of Light on top of the structure or location that you feel is affecting the planet negatively.  Obviously the base of the tower should be even larger than the outline of the land around the structure, so you are covering all of its perimeters.  If it is a military base, then the base of the pyramidal tower will be a bit bigger than the entire size of the base’s property itself. Use your imagination and build your pyramid with the assistance of the GA and Galactic Brotherhood / Sisterhood.

NOTE: This tower must be built as a mirror image below the structure as well.  DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS!!!

If you have been under severe psychic attack, there is a great likelihood that you are living or working on a negative portal.  Instead of closing them down, The Light would like these devices etherically built on each of these areas where a lot of paranormal activity is or where you or anyone else has experienced psychic targeting.  Once the grid is in place, it will act as a transmitter of a very elevated Light Frequency that immediately dissipates negative and low frequency waves that are being deliberately sent over the planet surface.  HAARP, distorted scalar waves, cell tower frequencies, smart meter frequencies and more will be immediately destroyed and transmuted to Light.  Also, if there are any dark beings or nasty etheric beings hovering in that location, they will be removed and from what I hear experience second death (apparently they have been given many chances to shift away from their way of being).

GuardiansCall in The Guardians commanding that they come forth to hold the pyramidal tower in place permanently.  You may see a pillar of Light arrive at each of the corners of the pyramid’s base, and there may be even more that show up depending on how heavy the portal is.  It is also very important to command a counter-clockwise spiral of Light within the pyramidal tower that is extracting all densities, darkness, and dark beings from this location and portal.  You may “see” them shooting through the tip of the pyramidal tower and either dissipating if experiencing a second death or returning to Divine Creator to be used for a more postive productive energy.

spiral sounter clockwiseAsk your Guidance to alert you at what level of density the area registers.  Usually it is a negative number and you will “see” a counter clockwise spiral until all is cleared.  Once again, command that you will know when the clearing is completed, the grid is built, and the trasmitter sequence is fully operational.  Once all is in order and “on line” these pyramidal towers will be beaming this frequency for up to several hunderd miles, looking like that of the rings you see around a pebble when dropped into a pond of water.  Once enough of us do this all over the globe, these towers will be linking up with one another and the frequencies will blanket the planet completely.

ALWAYS make sure you ask that you and your field is cleansed if for any reason something has “clung onto” you.  ALWAYS “see” yourself standing or hanging OUTSIDE the pyramidal tower.

Please do NOT discount your abilities to do this.  We need everyone to try and do this.  As you all know my workload is pretty immense, but if you need our help we will see what we can do.

OK – I am honored to bring forth this message…it is utterly exciting that we are getting to a place where we are this close to getting from under the grasp of these malevolent frequencies.

Let me know how you all do!  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Lots of love


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