The Controllers-Govt. Mind Control

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  1. Back about 1986 or 1987 Whitley Striebers book “Communion” lit the fires of abduction research on the topic of UFOs. Budd Hopkins, Dave Jacobs all had been doing research with this, but it was Striebers book that really fired the topic of abductions.

    In the early 1990’s abductions ended up being the tail that wagged the dog for a long time. Too many automatically assumed that ET was sneaking into thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of homes in the middle of the night taking all those people for who knows what. Well, not everybody. A researcher named Martin Cannon, no ET proponent, decided there might be another explanation to this troubling aspect of UFO research. Cannon ended up writing a paper called “The Controllers.” (By the way, he has since disowned his thesis. LETTER TO KURT BILLINGS BY MARTIN CANNON ©2000 — http )

    At the time this paper really fired up a controversy, not least the episode you are about to hear. Many did not want to accept his conclusions and many embraced the idea of Govt. mind control, perhaps too closely. At any rate you will have to listen to this and make up your own mind.

    Now, as a side note to all this, Martin Cannon and I agreed to loath each other when we met, and at one point Cannon even accused me of being a govt. disinformation agent sent to inflitrate UFO Magazine! He did have a very paranoid side. (You will hear some paranoia in a telephone call recording he plays near the end of this show.) And around 1991 or 1992 at the height of my exposes on William “Bill” Cooper, Cooper knowing about Cannon and I intensely disliking each other called Cannon using a disguised voice and threatened him with bodily harm pretending to be me. Cannon immediately called all his friends telling them that Don Ecker had threatened him with harm. When I found out about this I called Cannon and asked him to play the tape for me. It then became apparent that it was Cooper and not me that had called him. Oh the joy of UFO research ….. It was Gray Barker that described UFO research as a bucket of shit!

    Here is a copy of Cannon’s paper in PDF format if you wish to check it out and now on with the show.

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