Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The first filter we need to use when assimilating the news each day is whether the news is for us, the awakened, or for the sleeping masses who don’t know anything about the New World Order/Illuminati and think the world is spinning along the same way it always did—because the lamestream media defines their reality.

Unfortunately, because there are two (or more) vastly different audiences, President Trump has to address the ignorant because they comprise the majority of listeners on television and even much of the Internet news.

If the White Hats were free to tell the truth about more of what is unfolding and address only us, they would tell a different story; like Thomas Williams, Cobra, Simon Parkes, and others—but they can’t.

When you consider that there IS a war going on, for an entire planet and all life on it, and that the strategies are never revealed until after they are executed—if ever—we can’t expect to hear what’s really happening. We have to use our existing knowledge base, critical thinking and intuition. The dark would love for us to spend all our time worrying about the situation and believing WWIII is imminent. It isn’t.

Within the planetary war there is also the Second American Revolution. This is what a “new age” civil war looks like in the information age.

I certainly don’t want to spend every day watching, reading or listening to talk of war, so now that we have some perspective from several sources, I will be focusing on other things. I believe the Light is in control, despite how the mainstream media and some of the independent media are making it look.

The alternative media has been co-opted so unless you know who to trust, you could get seriously bent out of shape listening to some of it. The mind game troops are far more active than the US military is and it serves them to have everyone in fear. They want chaos, panic, hate, anger, division.

If you didn’t see it, you may want to check out my post at the Captain’s Blog showing the Galactic ship working with the US Marines’ fighter jet and the commentary from Solaris Modalis. QAnon apparently pointed to a video this week and Solaris fleshed it out and shared the images. QAnon team shared an interesting take on “official ET disclosure”, I believe.

LANGUAGE WARNING: Suggest you mute the Alex Jones excerpts. Every word. I’ll bite my tongue and say nothing more.  ~ BP