Collective Evolution

What the heck is going on in our world? First, peace finally finds its way to one historically troubled region, the Korean peninsula. With this unprecedented reconciliation, we the people are given reason to believe that a wave of peace may finally begin to wash over the planet. But then, tensions break out in another historically troubled region, Iran, which had been in a state of relative peace itself since the 2015 ratification of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran nuclear agreement. Suddenly, the threat of World War Three is on again!

Wait. It’s just geopolitics as usual, courtesy of the Deep State.

People Want Peace

First, a brief overview. In general, people want peace. Nations want peace. If it were just up to people or nations, there would be peace. But the Deep State wants war. Or at least the threat of war. Both of those serve the Deep State’s purposes, as has been well documented.

With their portly North Korean Bogeyman Kim Jong-un now offering boyish hugs of friendship to his South Korean counterpart, it became absolutely urgent for the Deep State to rekindle major tensions elsewhere. But the way the geopolitical chess game has been playing out with Russia, China, and other newly-emboldened nations, the Deep State doesn’t have many more viable moves left. They must really be desperate if they’re attempting a re-release of John McCain’s failed ditty, “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.”

Timeline Of The Drama

Let’s review the scenes of this serialized drama so far:

April 30: Israeli Prime Minister Benny Netanyahu delivers a dramatic televised presentation accusing Iran of lying about its nuclear weapons capabilities and urging the United States to withdraw from the deal. Trump later voices his full approval of the presentation.

May 8: Donald Trump ‘withdraws’ from the deal between Iran and the ‘P5+1’ (the UN security council’s five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the UK and the US – and Germany).

May 8: Benjamin Netanyahu meets in Moscow with Vladimir Putin. “I presented Israel’s obligation and right to defend itself against Iranian aggression, from Syrian territory,” Netanyahu said.

May 8: An Israeli missile strike south of Damascus, an hour after Mr. Trump’s announcement about the nuclear deal, killed 15 people, at least eight of them Iranians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday. The notion that this attack is retaliation for an Iranian attack on Israeli positions is announced in a NY Times article entitled ‘Iran Fires Rockets Into Golan Heights From Syria, Israelis Say’.

Please note that it is impossible to find any news article on the internet about the supposed Iranian rocket strikes into Israeli-occupied Golan heights that is not tied to Israel’s response that killed Iranians in Syria. Curious, no?

Note also that although Trump has pulled out of the deal, the other partners are not following suit and are looking to maintain the deal despite the U. S. withdrawal. Unprecedented.

Oh, and as to Iran not complying with JCPOA, as Netanyahu claimed in his presentation? On May 9, chief Yukiya Amano of the International Atomic Energy Agency (the official ‘watchdog’ of the plan) stated that “As of today, the IAEA can confirm that the nuclear-related commitments are being implemented by Iran.” Revealing.

Indisputable Conclusion

It has long been held that the Israel-U.S. axis is the heart of the Deep State, and the optics here lay it bare. No longer able to draw in allies in their rhetoric against Iran, unable to get the IAEA to join their cause, they just go ahead on their own, using the now-hackneyed false flag formula.

Israel claims that Iran attacked them. Is there proof? No. More importantly, for those whose discernment of such events are heightening, does it make sense? Is there any good reason for Iran to launch a feeble and provocative attack on Israeli targets in the Golan Heights, for the first time ever?The answer is a categorical NO. Here is what Leonid Ivashov, the president of the Academy for Geopolitical Problems, had to say about it:

It would be just egregiously silly to launch a missile targeting the region of Golan Heights [which is heavily guarded by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)] as it would certainly prompt military response.

Alternative Narrative

In this RT article, the alternative narrative is made clear. Iran has been doing well since the lifting of sanctions based on the JCPOA. They very much want to keep the deal intact. They also want to help protect their ally Syria from ISIS terrorism, therefore they are in Syria fighting against ISIS. They have no reason to provoke Israel into the fight in Syria. In fact Israel has been unilaterally firing upon Iranian targets in Syria—this is documented and undisputed—and Iran did not retaliate.

Since Israel is a sponsor of ISIS, Israel naturally wants to prevent the defeat of ISIS in Syria. But even more important, they want to prevent the stabilization of Syria which will lead to a more powerful alliance between Syria and Iran, which could potentially lead to Iran’s military muscle helping to safeguard Syria’s border with Israel on a permanent basis. Israel—and the Deep State—sees these things as a threat to their agenda. And therefore, they are grasping at one of the last straws they have left to preserve their power: War with Iran in which they justify their use of nuclear weapons.

Two conflicting narratives. One is plastered throughout the first several mainstream-media infested pages of a Google Search on the subject. The other is just quiet common sense. Be part of the awakening, so that truth will one day prevail in the realm of geopolitics, and indeed in all human activity on the planet.