On December 7, 2011, Steve and I became the proud parents of 5 beautiful puppies!  We had planned all along to have Harleigh’s puppies since he is clearly one of the most intelligent and unique dogs I have ever had in my life!  We purchased Soyala with this in mind, a sweet and loving lab terrier mix who cries similar to a cat.  We couldn’t get over her time and date of birth though; the full moon of the winter solstice, December 21, 2010 or 12.21.2010 which numerolgically =3.3.3 AND she was born at 3:33 a.m. Whoa!!!

Watching the two of them reminds you of the bliss a couple can enjoy when in total acceptance, joy, and being in the moment. They truly love each other and created FIVE amazing puppies, which we chose to name around one of our favorite motifs; The Round Table.  As we progress into this amazing Era of Profuse Light and Awakening, we are re-entering the days of the Round Table, a time where all at the table are heard and of equal influence.  This is a time for all to function as a unified force and contribute their unique talents and ideas. This is a time to bring forward the new cooperative and considerate consciousness with Mother Earth and ALL of Her Beings, no matter how many legs, wings, or fins.

These puppies represent such a synchronous deliverance of information for us.  Steve and I tend to see 11:11’s or 5’s ALL of the time.  It can be a license plate, a bill board with a phone number or just when I happen to glance at the clock.  It has spurred a lot of meditation on the number 5 and what it represents…change, adventure, balance, closing one door but opening another.  But before I get into that, I must reiterate that the puppies were born on a “5” and there were 5 of them.  The first one we think was born at 7:05 a.m. which is also a 3 (for Soyala – representing the Trinity of the old Earth, the new Earth, and us as the bridge).  One almost didn’t make it but with healing, homeopathics, and various essences, he pulled through and is thriving today.

So here’s the clan!

First Born: Arthur
Weighed in at 9.1 oz.
Born at 7:05 am






Second Born: Galihad
Weighed in at 6.4 oz.
Born at 7:25 am






Third Born: Percival
Weighed in at 6.5 oz.
Born at 7:36 am






Fourth Born: Guinevere
Weighed in at 7.1 oz.
Born at 8:16 am






Fifth Born:  Lancelot
Weighed in at 8.1 oz.
Born at 8.57 am

More photos:

The Puppies at 6 weeks

Puppy Pictures – 1 to 3 Months

Puppy Pictures – 4 to 6 Months