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Attract an endless flow of abundance to make the BIG impact
WHEN: Wednesday May 31st – Saturday June 3rd
WHERE: Free Online Telesummit
COST: Free

Attract an endless flow of abundance to make the BIG impact you were born for! Join us for the Abundance for Lightworkers Summit! You are such an integral part of this Earth’s ascension.  You are a Light engineer, bringing in a new paradigm of money and how we flow currency in this world.  It’s coming through YOU so it must be experienced by YOU! Lightworkers are raving about this virtual event and this line-up of experts is not to be missed!

Come learn the secrets to reclaim your money power so you can help more people with your gifts at the Abundance for Lightworkers Summit hosted by my friend Jennifer Russell.

• Learn easy and powerful manifestation methods to create the life you desire
• Discover the biggest mistakes to avoid so debt doesn’t eat away your creativity
• Find out how to make powerful partnerships with the Heavenly Realms to assist you
• Hear why you are so important in creating a new money system for the New Earth

And much more…

You’ll also hear from Patricia Cota-Robles, Lee Harris, Pam Grout,  Grant Virtue, Rev.Karen Russo, Angela C. Montano, Alicia Power…

Caroline Oceana Ryan, Diomira Rose D’Agostino, Michelle Walker, Patti Bee and more…

These speakers are visible spiritual leaders that have had their own journey of releasing lack and limitation and transcending into the flow of abundance and they have a powerful transformational message for you.

They’re going to share the nitty gritty under-the-surface TRUTH about how they stay in the flow of abundance doing what they love to do and why it’s so important right now for you to do the same.

Because it’s not about a quick fix or a magic formula, are you ready to take dominion in your money life so you can begin to manifest easily and have a sustainable income flow for the rest of your life?

This summit gives you heart-based tools and transformational exercises not only that honor your process, but will help you get BIG results right away..

It starts May 31st! Register FREE now.