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I know how much you and your loved ones rely on natural, truly nourishing foods, integrative healthcare, and healthful supplements. That’s why I’m writing you again to ask for your help.

We need to raise $50,000 to help us stop the FDA from throttling our access to nutritional supplements—and censoring the science about how supplements can heal us and keep us well. It sounds absurd, but it’s already happening.

Remember the FDA’s guidance document I told you about? The one that turns supplements into drugs if any research is done on their healing potential? This guidance is already having a chilling effect on scientific studies, even though it’s not binding law. Research has been stymied—in fact, important research proposals are being rejected as we speak—in the wake of confusion over the new draft guidance. Leading nutrition researchers have gone on record with ANH-USA to stress how the effects of the FDA’s actions will “decrease the competitive edge of US research.”

Even worse, if a university researcher or supplement company publishes the research after paying the $2.3 million application fee and then doesn’t pay the billions for the supplement to become an FDA-approved drug, it gets taken off the market. Unbelievable but true.

Many responded to our first letter, and I’m humbled by the support we’ve received—but we still need your help.

Total raised so far: $12,853
Our goal: $50,000

The problem: supplement companies know that they could never afford to pay the millions required by the drug approval process since they don’t hold patents on naturally occurring products. Your access to supplements (and new research on them) will wither—unless we take decisive and vocal action now.

Your donation, no matter what size, is vital. It will help us mount a forceful response to what would otherwise go unchecked.

As an organization dedicated to fighting for the public’s access to natural healthcare, we rely heavily on your financial support. Please know that each and every penny has an impact on the work we do here, and that your generous donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Again, thank you for your continued support, and for your passion and vigilance—natural and sustainable healthcare is continually being threatened by Big Pharma and their government cronies. The ANH-USA staff is profoundly grateful for your help.

In health and solidarity,

Gretchen DuBeau, Esq.
Executive and Legal Director

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