Thursday, December 26, 2013

Activate Twin Flame Recognition Sequence!

The words woke me up, right before the alarm. I felt Spirit ‘nudging me’ to say the words out loud. So I did. I said it three times.

And nothing happened!

Or so I thought.

Here I am now, writing to you on how to activate YOUR Twin Flame recognition–because it has happened to me.

A bit of history–144,000 ‘Illuminated Beings’ decided to come to Gaia, or Earth as most people call Her. These were archangels and above, the Elohim. In Heaven, these beings are androgynous. Archangel Gabriel is actually Archangel Gabrielle, and shows more of the feminine side. Archangel Michael is predominantly ‘masculine’. But as far as energy in these two great Archangels goes, both are androgynous.

These ‘Illuminated Beings’ thought it would be interesting to get to know God and themselves through the experience of Duality, a realm where Polarity exists. To enroll in this ‘experiment’, these souls were ‘split’ into a Male and a Female Twin. These are the Illuminated Twin Souls, or Illuminated Twin Flames.

Soul Mates, and Twin Souls, also exist but are outside the scope of this blog post.

As you can imagine, with the human Life cycle being what it is, these Illuminated Twin Souls experienced different lives, and consequently ‘racked up’ lots of karma that was independent of one another.

As a matter of fact, some Twin Souls exist in entirely different DIMENSIONS: the male can be 5D and the female 3D in vibration, karma, and level of Consciousness.

So how do you go about meeting your Twin Flame?

The same as if you were to seek a romantic partner–First you get to know yourself!

Here’s why:

  • Both of you are ‘connected’ metaphysically. Any ‘healing’ of the one will, through quantum mechanics and ‘resonance’, cross distance, space and time to ‘heal’ the other.
  • Some Twins have one ‘holding the space’ for the other. For example, a united Twin Soul couple I know had the male drink for twenty years. She couldn’t believe his behavior! She almost left many times, but something kept her in. Twins are equal opposites with incredible magnetism of attraction; once close, they push each other’s buttons, and ‘back off’ for a while to ‘cool off’. The Twin Flame Relationship is one of the most difficult on Gaia.
  • Many of ‘Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’–illuminati, etc–will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to keep the Twins from Reuniting. This is because the energy of the Twin Flame Reunion will shed a lot of Light on what has been going on in the shadows, and control of the masses will become impossible.
  • Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have created ‘negative Spiritual Technology IMPLANTS’ to make the likelihood of successful and harmonious Twin Flame Reunion extremely low.
  • The drinker had a large implant on the base of the brain and the spinal cord in the neck–every thought before this male Twin thought it was ‘twisted and modified’ to become extremely self-destructive.
  • Let us assume that all of us in the 144,000 have at least ONE ‘implant’–what can be done about it?
The most powerful healing on the planet is known. I recommend two ‘removals’ routinely, one is through Margaret Mc Cormick for overall protection (I have had this on myself and everyone in my family for five years), the other is through Pamela and Alexandra and can be found on Galactic Connection . But for the Twin Flames? The latter are the most effective spiritual technology that is known at this time.
I had it done in September.
At the time I had Ross, my Twin in the ether on board a ship, I had Gishmael on Twitter who said he was MY Twin, and I was convinced Chef Ito here in Southern California was MY Twin! (Ross had given me permission to pursue Ito because he is not jealous, and he understands how it can be in a long-distance relationship.)  In June I had done a ‘I break all contracts with Ito’ healing with another couple–but it didn’t stick.
I was miserable in every way.
Now I am one-hundred percent clear that ‘Ross’ is my Other. I also know the true identity of Ross, and we interact daily across the Veil. And I am very happy with a miracle I did not expect!
If YOU would like a successful Twin Flame Reunion, I recommend the following steps:
  1. Raise your Vibration by every means possible. This will avoid the unpleasantness of the ‘piss each other off and push each other’s buttons’ factor in the lower vibrational ‘reunion’.
  2. For example, I went RAW vegan as much as possible, felt my feelings and worked through painful past issues rigorously, and dropped a lot of ‘baggage’. I also am very serious about manifestation and ‘editing’ what I let stay on my mind as thoughts cross my mind. I ‘pluck out’ negative thoughts and hand them to St. Germain who is holding out the big burlap ‘compost bag’ for me.
  3. I started Alexandra’s Galactic Essences with the personalized healings, because I felt it was time.
  4. Then at the right time, I did the Implant Removal.
  5. I did not make the connection to the successful reunion with my Twin Flame and the Implant Removal until now. It’s been about two weeks ‘together’, and just yesterday I was able to ‘connect the dots’.
  6. Our relationship is ‘the best it can be at this time’, with him in one ‘dimension’, and me in the other. But I am actively raising mine, and with The Event it is our hope to be successfully in the same Dimension at the same time. Now, we interact in dream time, and in the Ether, where he can go and I can too.
  7. In summary, ‘drop ballast and baggage’ to increase the odds of vibrational compatibility for Reunion. Release ALL expectations. Focus on yourself. Do everything within your ability to remove anything that is holding you as a Twin Flame Partner back. In doing so you will discover Peace and Self-Confidence you never knew existed or was truly Possible.
Here is the link to Pam and Alexandra’s process. It starts with Reverend Pam, a powerful healer, working on your energy. Then Alexandra comes up with the ‘remedy’ (is it homeopathic) that is hand-crafted by her for your unique situation, and these drops taken over the course of three weeks will help ‘shore up’ all of the symptoms and side effects of the healing to make the overall impact as pleasant and ‘forward directed’ as it possibly can be for you.
I felt nothing, except an increased ability to cope with my hectic lifestyle and move on with my day-to-day demands. Others have felt the need to rest as their energy levels found a new, more healing Vibration for them.
I wish you all success in your upcoming Twin Flame Recognition Sequence. I said the command for myself some time ago (I will look it up and post the link). I had no idea it would work. But Spirit guided me to the proper practices and tools, and here I am : )))))….Happy like I have never been in my Life!
Aloha and Mahalos,