Published on Jun 5, 2016


Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo discuss his upcoming event which he has designed specifically for the emerging leadership of the Earth, The Sword and the Chalice event, to be held in Germany starting July 4, 2016. They discuss how that they will cover such topics as the Return of the Round Table and Restoring the Circles of Avalon! Please click below to register, and let Adam know you found the event through Galactic Connection!…

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They go on to discuss the difference between the Holy Grail and the Holy Chalice. He discusses the wealth spring of life, reincarnation and the idea that we can look inward to discover our own Holy Grail, our hearts, and the inner knowing that we are infinite and the Soul is eternal. Adam explains that the real chalice is actually the search, the deep seeking and spiritual longing is really about opening and receiving Divine love within ourselves.

Adam explains that even within the Christian concept of the Trinity that what many miss is that they are, in fact, all three aspects of the Trinity, they are the Father God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He keenly points out that the fifth dimension is easily explained in that you encompass the third and fourth dimensions and the architecture of time itself from a 5D perspective.

He further goes on to explain the Galactic consciousness and how that all that is required is simply receiving the Souls experience though the many thousands of years that we have accumulated such experiences and the wisdom received over many lifetimes.

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